Everyone's looking at you [ Wan Zhong Zhu Mu (万众瞩目) ]

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Everyone's looking at you

Everyone deserves attention
Unknowingly, one catches the attention of thousands1
Everyone deserves attention
Suddenly, one has thousands watching1
The speeding countdown
The spinning clock inside can't be stopped2
Wind it forward again
To the speed of ever changing trends
Use a smile to turn up3
the temperature of the pale lipstick
That kind of fiery determination4
Yet it doesn't make anyone jealous
Stop worrying left and right
These extravagant yet humble all-out performances
Who are you chasing them for?
Style can't be hidden
Beauty is an invisible attitude
Hidden by the air's breathing
Somehow you're already in the spotlight1
Forgotten your unique edge
Let its charm be always irresistible
You easily deserve to be in the spotlight1
Secured everyone's attention1
Beauty is a lonely dance
No one should intentionally
copy someone entirely
Individuality is everyone's
gift from birth
It's you who has forgotten to let your
hidden light shine
  • 1. a. b. c. d. e. 不知不觉就 implies that somehow something just happened over time; literally translates to not knowing, not being aware of, and then... (insert some event). 万众瞩目 means ten thousand people have eyes on you. I've taken some liberty with translating it differently all over the song.
  • 2. literally translates to "the heart's clock hand can't be stopped"
  • 3. * 灿烂 not sure how it's used as a verb, as an adjective it can mean "bright", since "to bright up" temperature doesn't seem to work, here's my guess
  • 4. * uncertain if determination is the right word to use in this context
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A rough translation Smile Hope it's sufficient

A catchy song about someone letting fame get to them.

I'm still learning, so please leave suggestions and point out any mistakes that might be lurking in here!

Thanks for posting the request. It gives me an excuse to practice.

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Wan Zhong Zhu Mu (万众瞩目)

Can't take my eyes off of you
Everyone's looking at you
不知不觉就 万众瞩目
不知不觉就 万众瞩目


    September 17th, 2012

Thank you so much, I've been waiting for this song for a while!! You translation sounds great, and I'm glad to finally know what she's singing about. Smile