What Do You Know About Me

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What Do You Know About Me

You think that I'm a hawk
Who hovers above it all
An open book, a clear case
The one you experience now
A rock on which your waves break
An ear that’s always open,
A party on a weekday.
Your “don’t you have any plans now either?”
You think I have become immune,
Hardened against your karma
That you are far from some kind of sister
for me
You don’t know this guy
who spends his nights awake
Who takes your words and is able to
Make sense out of them
Each one of his plans just has your heart
in the crosshairs
What do you know about me?

Don’t you see these tears
Or the sad look that crushes his pride at the good-byes on the stairs?
Or how long he still stays standing
at your door
What do you know about me?
My head feels like an island
from which no dream escapes
Your gentlest touch
Feels like a tsunami here
I drown in your eyes
In which I constantly stare
I willingly hang on your every word
The answer is so near
You think no fire burns here
Behind my poker face
You know me inside and out
You do not know

Refrain (2X)

What do you know about me?

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