Wooh [ Wu (ㄨ) ]

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My feelings race like a wolf pack’s dance
Time reverses with our every step
Never stopping, forever caring about that distant happiness
If there’s no similarity, if there’s still understanding
Will we not be satisfied?
If there’s no “if,” this temperature is restless
The level you and me can reach
Wooh~ let us dance, not stopping for a second
Together on this map repeating it over again
Wooh~ let us set out on a beautiful journey of love
This rhyme in our country, wooh
Tears aren’t pearls, they don’t solidify
Forwarded message,
Watch our every act in this play
Log-in and love, never log-out, sweetness imprisoned
If there’s no present, if we still clash
Already closed some pain off in the closet
If there’s no cherishing, the circuit will forever collect
The electricity between our touches
Wooh~ let us heat up this dance, no space for loneliness
Together on this road repeating it over again
Wooh~ let us banish the speed of repression after we’re done
This rhyme in every inch of our flesh, wooh
Repeat (*/**)
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Wu (ㄨ)

感觉有多仓卒 像与狼共舞
时间在倒数 我们的每一步
永不停驻 永远在乎 那遥远的幸福
如果没有仿佛 如果还有领悟
如果没有假如 这温度 困不住


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