I Know I’m Worthy [ Znam koliko vredim (Знам колико вредим) ]

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I Know I’m Worthy

Against myself, beside you
I know that I would have to
go on alone in order to
save my heart
You don’t have what I need
in order for me to survive
just know that only love keeps you warm
habit doesn’t keep you warm
I know how much I’m worthy
but I wasn’t good for you
I don’t want to spare you
I throw my last word at your face
All the wounds until I fade away
because you’ve made all of them hurt
because I know how much I’m worthy
and I will be someone’s one and only
A lot of sorrow, little laughter
with you I have shared
the bitter taste of your sin I carried
in my heart
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Znam koliko vredim (Знам колико вредим)

Против себе, поред тебе
знам да бих морала
даље сама да бих своје
срце сачувала
ти ништа немаш што ми треба
да бих преживела
и знај да само љубав греје


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