Only You (فقط تو)

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Only You

I love you
between this love and the other one
between the woman,saying goodbye
and the woman that arrives
here and there
I'm looking for you
it seems that
each gesture
comes to your eyes (and you see it)
how could I explain such a feeling that
has made all my life
the most beautiful woman is beside me
so how do you
cross my mind
just like a bird?
between two meetings
between two women
between the train that arrives
and the train that starts to leave
there's five minutes of time
so I'll invite you for having a cup of coffee
I leave
we've got five minutes
you soothe me
in five minutes
I tell you the secrets
I talk with you about everything
you change all my life
in five minutes
so why?
what is this pain?
how could you talk about disloyalty?
there are moments
that a poem surprises me
comes suddenly
thousands of explosions
exist in the minutes
and writing is a way to free out
you fly
like a paper butterfly held between two fingers
how could I fight on both sides for fifty years?
how could I share myself to two continents?
how could I ever get to know anyone but you?
how could I ever sit beside someone but you?
how could I ever be in love with someone but you?
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فقط تو

دوستت می‌دارم
در فاصله‌ی این عشق و آن عشق
در فاصله‌ی زنی که خداحافظی می‌کند
و زنی که از راه می‌رسد


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