I want to burn out [ Thelo Na Kaigomai (Θέλω να καίγομαι) ]

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I want to burn out

I don't exist, I don't live
My clouded mind
I've lost for you
I'm searching
But I can't find a solution
Your love drives me insane
I want to burn out like a cigarette
To take light from your lips
I want to burn away from your kisses
To melt sweetly in your embrace
Tell me what am I to blaim, that you torture me
And you give away your kisses to others
Tell me what am I to blaim, so I know at last
I love you, however I suffer
I go wherever you take me to
You don't tell me that you love me
I can't bear it, I'm going crazy
I'm melting down every second
To creep into your body
To burn out in your fire
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Thelo Na Kaigomai (Θέλω να καίγομαι)

Δεν υπάρχω, δε ζω
Το μυαλό μου θολό
Τα 'χω χάσει για πάρτη σου
Ψάχνω, μα δε μπορώ
Κάποια λύση να βρω
Με τρελαίνει η αγάπη σου
Θέλω να καίγομαι σαν το τσιγάρο