The dream

  • Καλλιτέχνης: Pavel Stratan
  • Τραγούδι: Visul
  • Μεταφράσεις: Αγγλικά #1, #2



Aseara am visat un vis frumos
De parca tata inapoi s-a intors...
Dar cand am vrut sa-l strang in brate, sa-l cuprind
A disparut, si singur am ramas, plangaand

Ce multe-am vrut sa-i spun, dar nu i-am spus
Ce multe-am vrut sa-ntreb, dar n-a raspuns
Si-nrt-o secunda am simptit atata rost
Dar el a dispurut, de paca nici n-a fost

Tata, tata, asta-i prima data
In viaja mea cand cred in ce nu-i drept.
Stiu ca nu-s mitel, si inteleg ca niciodata
N-ai sa te-ntorci, dar te astept
Poate altii te-au uitat demult
Dar la mama, sora, fratele eu stiu precis
Ca de cand te-ai dus de-acasa, usa
Inca niciodata nu s-a inchis.

Rau nu-mi pare tata, ca vreodata
Si de mine o sa zica cineva ca m-a perdut
Timpul e asa de crud, cu dansul nimeni
Inca prieten nu s-a facut
Stii ce rau imi pare si ma doare
Din ce in ce mai tare tata, stiu
Ca am inceput sa te iubesc pe urma
Mai tarziu, dar de-acum era tarziu...

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Αγγλικά translation

The dream

Εκδόσεις: #1#2

I dream a beautiful dream last night
It was like my father came back
But when I wanted to hug him
He disappeared and I remained alone crying

I wanted to tell him so many, but I did not tell him
I wanted to ask so many, but he did not answer
And in a second I felt so much meaning (sense)
But he disappeared as if he never had been

Father, father, this is the first time
When in my spell I believe in something that is not wright
I know that I am not little and I understand that you will never
Turn back but I am waiting for you
Maybe others forgot about you long time ago
But I know precise from my mother, sister, brother
That ever since you went away from home, the door
Never closed

I am not sorry father, that someday
Someone will say about me aswell that he lost me
The time is so cruel, noone
Made himself friend with it yet
You know how sorry I am and it hurts
More and more father, I know
That I started to love you afterwards
Much later, but now it was late...

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