Good Start (agaetis byrjun)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Good Start

Bright hope is true
Bright Town
As We Walk Downtown
Meet friends and Fatigue
We Celebrate The Day
A Two Year Wait
Distant dream is born
Eat and drink filled
And Pay For Ourselves
With Everything We Have Today
We Sit Down Excited
and Listen To Ourselves Play In Rhythm
In tune with music
No One Seems To Listen
This Is Completely Different
We Lived In Another World
Where We Were Never Invisible
A Few Days Later
We Speak Again
But The Sound Was not Good
and We Were All In Agreement
in Agreement About Most Things
We'll Do Better Next Time
but This Is a Good Start
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It does not fully make sense but with common sense, it does

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agaetis byrjun

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