Like he who loses a star (Como quien pierde una estrella)


Como quien pierde una estrella

Te quiero.
Lo digo como un lamento,
como un quejido que el viento se lleva por donde quiera.
Te quiero.
Qué pena haberte perdido
como quien pierde una estrella que se le va al infinito.
Quiero que se oiga mi llanto, cómo me dolió perderte
despues de quererte tanto.
Ay, después de quererla tanto, Diosito dame consuelo
para sacarme de adentro
esto que me está matando ay ay ayyyy, ayyyyyyy...
¡Te quiero!
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Like he who loses a star

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I love you (1)
I say it as a lament
Like a cry of pain the wind carries wherever it wants.
I love you,
What a shame to have lost you
Like he who loses a star that fades into the infinite.
Ay, I want it to be heard in my cries how much it hurt to lose you after loving you so much.
Ay, after loving her so much, Dear God (3) grant me solace
To remove from within me
this thing that's killing me
I love you!
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Σχόλια συντάκτη:

1. Querer literally means to want but in this context it means to love.
2. Spanish onomatopoeia for pain. The challenge of singing this song is not in the notes itself but in displaying the emotion of pain involved throughout the whole thing. TRUST ME.
3. Diosito, diminutive for God but also used to express endearment. He is not saying little God. He is saying DEAR GOD.

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ArenaL5    August 24th, 2013

[invalid correction deleted]

I like your footnotes. The first one is a bit overkill, though xD

tulipsofmine    November 4th, 2016

It's funny how it takes such a skilled translation to read the words the way you hear them in your head when you are just bilingual.
Thank you, now I can share the sentiment of this song with people who don't speak Spanish.