Down to Earth

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Down to Earth (Αγγλικά) — sensible, practical, straightforward, modest

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Down to Earth — فروتن باش
و سربزیر

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Translations of "Down to Earth"

Ισπανικάprosaico, práctico, materialista
ΙταλικάCon i piedi per terra
ΠολωνικάStąpać twardo po ziemi
Ρουμανικάmaterialist, prozaic, comun
Ταϊλανδικάติดดิน (tid-din)

"Down to Earth" στους στίχους

I want to remind you that nice is to see it,
all in a cloud of the color of the sky...
Fall in love, you, you, again,
down to Earth and touch with your fingers,
the water of the sea.
Fall in love

Dvicio - Fall In love

I am from the street,
Where you met him
Don't compare me
I came down to earth on a paintbrush for you
I do not look like him...

Alejandro Sanz - Don't compare me

It's a suicide mission, either we succeed or we are dead/screwed
And you, mate, follow us if you like
Determined, we leave for the front line, without an armour
Those more down-to-earth say we are heading for a disaster
And my folks/parents have no idea what I do, they say I sleep
They think their son only lives in the streets/outside

Sexion d’Assaut - That's my direction

Miami, Brazil, Morocco or Spain
As for the rest I'll spare it to you, yeah I'll spare it to you
Two or three kisses, a hug under the blanket and paf
Wow, I'd better go down to earth
I don't even have your phone number yet

Colonel Reyel - The One

Keep 'em falling when I know it hurts
Going faster than a million miles an hour
Trying to catch my breath some way, somehow
Down to Earth
It's like I'm frozen, but the world still turns
Stuck in motion, and the wheels keep spinning 'round

One Direction - Infinity

making love to you like this.

When the party will be over
we'll come back down to earth.
Everybody will remember
having seen a star.

Eros Ramazzotti - Mine Forever

This love will make you levitate
Like a bird
Like a bird without a cage
But down to earth
If you choose to walk away, don’t walk away

Katy Perry - Dark Horse

I want to remind you of how beautiful it is to see you
All in a cloud of colour in the sky...
Fall in love, again
Get down to earth, touching with fingers
The water of the sea, your body against my body
Fall in love

Dvicio - Fall in love

By praying "The Lord's prayer" twice the killer does not bring his victim back to life
My brothers, Jesus is a verb not a noun

Jesus don't come down to earth stay up there
All those who thought like you are lying down now
Forgotten in some cemetery with their ideals as their only luggage

Ricardo Arjona - Jesus is a verb not a noun

She was more than beautiful
Closer to etherial
With a kind of down to earth flavor

Close my eyes

The Rolling Stones - Anybody Seen My Baby?

I was dreaming of another earth
That would remain a mystery
An earth less down to earth
Yes I wanted to screw it all

Téléphone - Another world

calm down im a gentlemen
and gentlemen dont have memories
This is “Down To Earth” you know
Tainy the world is yours
Mist A

Alexis Y Fido - Ojos Que No Ven

Please don't say to me, it lost it's appeal.
Look at you, you can't take the pressure and you are asking, if I was all worth it, because you are in trouble in your world because of us.
You think your father could be right and your future with me could turn out to be bad.
You need a man, who is already down to earth and not like me who is dreaming his life.
Who drives a Mercedes and owns a nice house, you will not abstain from it, just like your eyesight.
I can understand, because u love gloss and glamour,

Fard - Rich and beautiful

My angel, if you come down to earth
I want us to speak
I am waiting for you to give me advice
on how to heal a heart that hemorrhages.

My angel, it has a wound which will not heal

Panagiotis Psaltis - My angel

The weather shakes the trees
until every leaf from the branch
falls down to earth.
Since poverty drags me down
and overwhelms me

Nana Mouskouri - Poor Rutebeuf

I only make hits like I work with a racket and bat
Look at my jacket and hat
So damn berserk
So down to earth
I'm bringing gravity back
Adopted by the major I want my family back

Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars


I'm down to earth like this
Rockin' this business
I've grown up so much

Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block

and I can see you are thinking the same thing
when you do that
I feel like Venus
has come down to earth
In the boat or on beach or where ever
if there's no place, let's run home

Robin - Summer Tires

And I don't feel that shit, not even a little bit
Oh Lord, know yourself, know your worth, nigga
My actions been louder than my words, nigga
How you so high, but still so down to Earth, nigga
If niggas wanna do it, we can do it on they turf, nigga
Oh Lord, I'm the rookie and the vet

Drake - 0 To 100 / The Catch Up

Hail! Hail!
Brazil, an intense dream, a lively ray
Of love and hope comes down to earth,
If in your beauteous, laughing and limpid sky
The image of the Cross<fn> the constellation Southern Cross </fn> glows.

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Brazilian National Anthem

A suicidal project, it goes well or we're broken
And you can follow us if you want to bro
It's determined, we're going to the front without armor
And the more down-to-earth people be saying we push through a wall (Aah!)
And the bosses don't know what I do, they say I be sleepin'
Not knowing that this guy is producing discs of gold

Sexion d’Assaut - My direction

Thast right....
Ms A. Sr F.

down to earth

Alexis Y Fido - Bartender

all of France’s cops.
Greedy civil servants at the heart of a (military-like) police of the working class.
Terribly in the wind,
they’re too down-to-earth to restrain
or even moderate (the situation).
The inherited exuberance that for far too long has been growing

Suprême NTM - Police

If you had been a bit more down-to-earth
If I had intimidated you a little less
If you navigated less in your high atmosphere
If you didn't hide all your feelings
I, if I had been less romantic
And if you had not impressed me so much

Françoise Hardy - With ifs

I'm from the street (now this time those ARE the lyrics)
where you found him
Don't compare me
I came down to earth on a paint brush for you
that I don't look like him

Alejandro Sanz - Do not compare me

Tranquila yo soy un caballero
Y los caballeros no tenemos memoria
This is “Down To Earth” you know
Tainy the world is yours
Mist A

Alexis Y Fido - Ojos Que No Ven

He wasn't good enough for her
She had a pretty face
But her head was up in a space
She needed to come back down to earth

Five years from now, she sits at home

Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boy

On our way back down to earth,
Down to earth, Down to earth,
(Down to earth),
On our way back down to earth

I never thought that it'd be easy,

Justin Bieber - Down To Earth

Oh Holy Night, Oh holy moment for the world
when the son of God went down to earth
to reconcile the worlds crimes and sins,
for us he suffered the pain of death

Peter Jöback - Oh Holy Night

Down to earth!
Mr. A , Señor F
Toby Love
Y El Profesor Gomez

Alexis Y Fido - No Debe Tocarte

always sincere
Cheers to mom
Cheers to women
who are down to earth
the smiling postwar

Neri Per Caso - Cheers to mom

While in a regular flight
I sailed across the sky of Madrid
two down-to-earth feet were waiting for me
they didn't remember me

Ana Belén - City fish

from those men that treat you
Like you were a wind that passes by

Come down to earth, you, miss fairy
Look right at my face
Confess you like

Adriana Calcanhotto - Insane woman

A shooting star fell down to earth
Lightning cracked the sky
Something weird is happening
Something I can't deny

A strange kind of magic

Maggie Reilly - Everytime We Touch

( Alexis )
Down To Earth
( Wooooooo )
Mr. A Señor F Toby Love (Toby Love )

Alexis Y Fido - Down To Earth

The distance to your home
Fades away to nowhere
How much are you worth?
You can't come down to earth
You're swelling up, you're unstoppable
Cos you've seen, seen too much

Muse - New Born

When you came down to earth
And left Heaven above
You took on the form of man
And showed us God's love

Lord, You reign evermore

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - King of Glory

Make me wonder
Make me understand
Spark the light of doubt and a newborn mind
Bring the vast unthinkable down to earth

Always wary of a captive thought

Nightwish - Sagan

Now the party's through.

When the day is done
Down to earth then sinks the sun
Along with everything that was lost and won
When the day is done.

Nick Drake - Day is Done

my life won't end.

Believe me, feel me, talk to me,
don't make me come down to Earth,
don't leave.
Believe me, feel me,

Intocable - What you don't say

Easy, I'm gentleman
And gentleman do not have memory
This is "Down To Earth"(You know)
Tainy, The World is Yours
Mister A

Alexis Y Fido - Eyes That Can't See

Gestures, postures...
Take it easy...
Raise your flag
From the sky down to earth, from the sky down to earth
I'm begging you...
I'm begging you, do something

Quest Pistols Show - He Is By Your Side

No adonis
No artifice
Neither laws nor gods
She is gifted at it

A touch nihilist

Mylène Farmer - She said

The old and the young should now
Take a rest from the chase of life

And tomorrow I'll fly down to earth
For it will be Christmas again
I said "Oh dear Lord Jesus,

Theodor Storm - Servant Rupert

If you go down to earth
I want you to come
To speak together, I wait
(you) to give me advice how to heal
a heart that bleeds

Panagiotis Psaltis - My angel

You're at the top of the world
Try to get down to earth a bit
Drop down to my world, for a bit
So you can feel love

Elena Risteska - Millionair

What I'm leaving
Down here

People are not sent down to Earth without any reason
Just to see how they make-do to reach the horizon
Since we live longer than hamsters

Little - Down here

And take me back
Take me home
Watch me fall
Down to earth
Take me back for

Ed Sheeran - This

My angel, if you come down to earth
I want you to come , to talk with me
I am waiting you to give me an advice
on how to heal a heart that bleeds

My angel, it has a wound which will not heal

Panagiotis Psaltis - My angel


As for me, last time, I voted for Protestation[fn]a "vote contestataire" is when you vote for a candidate only to prevent another from being elected. With french syntax (and some stupidity) it can be mistaken for a personal name[/fn]
At least he keeps his promises, he's down-to-earth[fn]idiom: "avoir les pieds sur terre" (to have one's feet (firm) on the ground)
distorted: he's got his shoulders firm on the ground[/fn]
With him, Europe will be French, good fences make good neighbours[fn]the French says "everybody will stay in his own house", but the meaning implied is the same[/fn]

Les Fatals Picards - France is doomed

I'll give you my whole life
and it is not enough, it is not enough
he thinks he is better than anyone ealse
he is "all show off", when "I am down to earth" kind of guy
he is telling his friends, that he had already bought you
the whole world, flights to Swistzerand,

Idan Yaniv - what about love

Shame on you
For thinking you're an exception
We're all to blame
Crashing down to Earth
Wasting and burning out
You're fading like a dead star

Muse - Dead Star

I sell my money, I sell my money
If I am in control and the world lies at my feet
Statussymbols and remaining down-to-earth?
Look, look - the emperor is naked!

Jennifer Rostock - Dirty! Dirty!

Reflex in the sky
Warn you you’re gonna die
Storm coming, you better hide
From the atomic tide

Flashes in the sky

Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral

My angel, if you come down to earth
I want us to speak
I am waiting for you to give me advice
on how to heal a heart that hemorrhages.

My angel, it has a wound which will not heal

Panagiotis Psaltis - My angel

(No!) Among insects and wind
(no!) of a springtime
(no!) all the way to heaven
(no!) and down to earth.

Whenever you will want to give up

Subsonica - Whenever

His hand can reach high up

but he looks down to earth

he knows how to talk with love

Giannis Dounias - To the very tough man

Perhaps, yesterday,I swore too much that I won't let us part.
Love - is in Heaven, you should come down to Earth.

And now I'm alone crying: "Help me!"

Ivan Dorn - I'm crying

The poets are born not by odd chances
They must fly down to Earth from distant heights
Enigma of their fate only enhances
Accessible and common poets’ lives

Igor Talkov - To memory of Victor Tsoy

mediocre as the class they belong to,[fn]<em>medio</em> = medium, average (hence "mediocre").
<em>medio</em> = middle.
<em>ceto medio</em> = middle class.[/fn]
simplistic like the missiles they resemble.[fn]<em>terra terra</em> {earth earth} = down to earth, prosaic; here it is derogatory, to describe a person who is overly simplistic, too materialistic and ignorant.
<em>missile terra-terra</em> = ground-to-ground missile.
Those people look like missiles because they go too fast in their cars.[/fn]

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Those Who Right-Think

Calm down, cause i'm a gentleman
And gentlemen don't have memories
This "Down To Earth" you know
Tainy the world is yours
Mist A

Alexis Y Fido - Eyes That Can Not See

Like a thief in the night I crossed the garden of the night sky.
I held out my hand to catch a star.
But when I tried to come back down to Earth
my path was blocked by two angels bathed in white light.

Nikos Oikonomopoulos - That Star

From the sky down to earth
It's not too much for a woman
Love gives her strength
Be careful, don't play

Lost, you look in her eyes

Andra - Woman will

There was a time
Dark and devine
Exciting and new,
shameful and true

Free to explore,

Röyksopp - Sordid Affair

how foolish you are to fall in love with your voice
you baptised revolution your plain bits
in a moment fool you will be masturbating with your pictures
get down to earth discover yourself
and let it flow like ink in your pen
get to work don't miss life

Rapsodos Filologos - Triliza(a mini-game)

Loves infinite remember a day of light but the sun does not rise twice
Among absurd circumstances, it is difficult to be close to me
There are those who has tried everything, but my life is an invisible planet
I try to stay down to earth, despite the force of gravity low
But when I kiss you I lack oxygen and escape to another galaxy

Emis Killa - Mercury

there is a breath of air for every one of us
a small sip of water
and may the good within us win
and lets bring heaven down to earth
believe that only love will save us

Boni - Innocent sinners

Well, it's not, not early for you

Relax and approach me
Come down to earth from that cloud
It's God given
Well, it's not, not early for you

Nikola Rokvić - My Dear

I so want to see you
with you is different
Come on, bring me down to earth
so I wouldn't forget you

Negative (Serbia) - Bring me down to earth

You're the future,
You're your happiness
You dream of us reaching the very top
And then surely coming back down to earth
And I'm there for you,
You for me, too

Xavier Naidoo - Please don't stop dreaming

And leave his fortresses
'Feel that he'd like to taste
Some down-to-earth sweetness
Some down-to-earth sweetness

And Raymond, to you, dear

Carla Bruni - My Raymond

in the city you have a damn limelight and there is no doubt about your status (high profile) but I need you girl, of course there are millions of boys for you I wanted to have friendship with you but you don't even look at me you drive vehicle such as Ferrari but you looked good on bullet (a motorbike indian origin) repeat in the city.....millions for you. million million boys no doubt no doubt your hair flow with the wind when you drive fast you play my song with a loud beat and tell the whole city tell the city tell the city repeat your hair.... tell the whole city. all your lovers are.only for your hobby your lovers take every breath loudly and make a line for the the turn in the middle of the road repeat in the city.... ..millions of boys god has given you so beautiful face and equally beautiful heart what more is missing my life lovers and brands roam around you what actually is missing from you is a true soulmate your two eyes rob my heart but the shades cover your ecstasy eyes I am dying for you but you don't give a damn about that your demands and abstracts are represented eveeyday to me from where should I get the Ferrari from where should I get the brand I don't have any attitude related to the status and my feet will always be grounded (down to earth) repeat in the city....... ...millions of boys for you I wanted friendship with you but you don't even look at me you drive Ferrari but you look good on bullet (a motorbike of indian origin) in the city you have damn limelight but I need you girl

propheC - Taur

We will do it even though no one seems to believe in it
Because now the only way up is down

No matter how they try to take us down to earth
No matter how much they want to see us walk with heavy steps
I will do it even though no one seems to believe in me

Oskar Linnros - No Matter How They

And I could be on my knees
Going from bad to worse
And all of my hopes and dreams
Come crashing down to earth
No matter how bad it seems…

Olly Murs - Tell The World

And I don't know why, but I like it this way

I believed in fairy tales, that into a prince I'll change a frog
But he quickly brought me down to earth
Regardless though, I'm kissing, maybe he'll change

Basta (Poland) - Small Truth

I didn't learn anything, but mom stays cool
I don't have a job, but mom puts trust in my rap, yeah
I steal, don't give a shit about women and take drugs
But mom can trust me, I stay down to earth
I failed school and I did it worse than anyone else
Well, you weren't really concentrating when you were already high in the morning

Sido - Mom is proud

Yes, we know you don't care about we
Yes, we know you don't care about we

Malcolm X: "We want to talk right down to earth in a language that everybody here can easily understand. We all agree tonight - all of the speakers have agreed - that America has a very serious problem! Not only does America have a very serious problem / But our people have a very serious problem."

Damian Marley - Brothers Keeper

Is this in limbo or in Heaven or Hell?
Maybe I'm going down there as well,
I can't accept my soul will drift forever.
I feel myself floating back down to Earth,
So could this be the hour of my rebirth?
Or have I died or will I wake from dreaming?

Iron Maiden - Heaven Can Wait

I tell myself a hundred times that I'm just turning the page
To close the chapter in my life. Now that you're leaving the stage.
But there is something brings me down to earth. When I'm thinking of you.
Cause there is something on my mind that's making me blue.

Bad Boys Blue - I’m still in love

We shared our lives
For a few days and weeks
And after a while
We came back down to earth
Who needs words when they can

Philipp Poisel - Who needs words?

And I'm not afraid to fly (no no)
Cause I've been holding on so long I feel like letting go
And if I fall I hope that I will glide back down to Earth
Somewhere safe from harm

Toše Proeski - Glide

'cause your love is outta this world (oh)
And you bring me down to earth
I love how you put me first (oh)
Make me feel my every word

Britney Spears - Outta This World

Nothing more to do
Nothing more to do

Down to earth
Always the same news items
No room left for imagination

Alfa Rococo - Nothing More To Do

I loved your daughter, yes I did
But you didn't want a sailor
You wanted someone down-to-earth,
You wanted your son-in-law to be an engineer
I loved your daughter, yes I did

Ibrica Jusić - I Loved Your Daughter


One Who rose from death,
Looks from Heaven down to Earth,
His eyes are full of sadness of the Universe.
The rivers are flowing, the elves are singing,

Epidemia - The White Falcon

You have no examples and before you
How many have burnt their wings?
Come back down to earth, tell me what you're playing

Nekfeu - Princess

I need you
I've been waiting for you to clasp me in your arms

A tear is falling down to earth, where it is wiped away,
And then gives birth to the love between the two of us
The streetlights are glowing in the shadow of the night

Andra - For you

Gave it to you to anchor
Sweet poison

I wanted to be down to earth
much that I gave up
that today I understood

Los Hermanos (Brazil) - Conditional

And if everybody all at once
Liked[fn]Social media reference[/fn] Jupiter,
We would all be a lot less down to earth.[fn]Amazing! A pun that translates![/fn]

And if everybody all at once

Louis-Jean Cormier - Everybody All At Once

The second is to see the fall.
I can´t be myself without the leaves
flying and coming back down to earth.

The third is the dire winter,

Pablo Neruda - I ask for silence

Their time will pass

Banished, they are around me
Their eyes pointed at me to shoot me down to earth
They are, like a lion who wants to lacerate
They are, like the lion that sits in stealth

Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša - Their time will pass

love shall chase it away

The small stars on the blue sky
shall fall down to earth like straws
before I spurn my friend

Ranarim - Morning star

I’m feelin’ so alive, like I’m on a rollercoaster ride
Got my hands up and I ain’t stopin’ tonight

I’m feelin’ the clouds come down to earth
I’m floatin’ around, laughing so hard that it hurts
It’s just one of those perfect days

Tiffany Alvord - So Alive

I apologize it's my turn to be victorious
I continue and for now I ask questions
It doesn't bore me whether someone thinks I'm
I had fallen down to earth but by a miracle because of her
I stood firmly back on my feet because she appeared/showed herself
She starts with the letter L, sometimes I call her ''light''.

Denyo - As before?

Here's that story now
Let me tell you how
Once the Lord came
down to earth and was
harassed by a beggar in the street

Kristina från Duvemåla (musical) - Lice

Just feel the passion
Love the message shining through
A chain reaction
It brings my haven down to earth
And this is why
It drives me mad but it gives me life

Aurela Gaçe - Feel The Passion

These are difficult days
But they're piercing like paper
Like te bullets of your laughter
Can be heard down to earth.

Whatever time is stealing from us

Dimitriadis Giorgos - The bullets of your laughter

And full of bright days
It will wake up the world from the dream

Coming down to earth anew
The sleepy shadow wanders silently
And the day sparkled

Jaak Joala - Time flies by

Open up my heart
Cause my lips to speak
Bring the heavens and the stars
Down to earth for me

[Chorus X2]

Madonna - Isaac

stuck up there like the shrike
sticks 'em on a blackthorn

And when he wanted to go back down to earth
the earth was an overturned piss pot
And he was all alone

Tom Waits - Children's Story

I want my freedom
Just as it was in the beginning

What can bring me back down to earth
What can return my heart to me
I want to shout my anger

Bruno Pelletier - Contaminated

And my heaven cries down to earth
Because you cannot see

... and my heaven cries down to earth
It sings my song about going down

Eisheilig - Cry

[Verse 1: Skits Vicious]
Yo I flow like water, burn like fire
Down to earth whirlwind wilder than your average type of
Chitty chat taxi driver
You wanna get high you better pass the lighter

Dope D.O.D. - Gatekeepers

I lived like a wild and lonely soul,
Lost in a dream beyond control.
You were the one who brought me home down to earth.

For you are the tiger burning bright

Katie Melua - Tiger In The Night

Do you know where you come from?
Because you look out of place
In a town where only the rain comes down
You fell down to earth

Like and alien,

Nerina Pallot - Alien

You tried them

I get so carried away
You brought me down to earth
I thought we had something precious
Now I know what it's worth

Depeche Mode - Things You Said

I've lost myself.

I'd give you the world if I could,
I'd lower the stars down to Earth
if you, my love, would ask me to,
if you, my love, would demand me to.

Raffaella Carrà - You are a bandit

All my life l would live from it

If you were like the earth
I would be down to earth
I would sow you
I would harvest you

Jacques Dutronc - The Metaphor

I can´t take it no more, yes, I loved you, but you didin´t give a damn about me
Now bye, see you
I came down to earth, I´ll never want us back again
All we had was in bed and then no feelings for each other
I can see that now

Luan Santana - It´s over, it´s over

In all the panic and crisis
The only smart solution,
If someone asks to borrow money from you,
Is to act down to earth
Before you put on a wedding band,
And then be crying all day

Makis Dimakis - No One Belongs To Anyone

Get on the beat

Hey you, get off your cloud
Come down to earth,
Get into the crowd,

Haylie Duff - Girl In The Band

Before I leave here (mami)
Tell me if you're down with the two of us too
There are many who are trying to stand in our way
Because people are so down-to-earth and you're flying high
They will never be able to fuck with things like feelings
Though they're stuck there, so they'll never be able to touch you

Camilo & Grande - Give to You

I'm dying in this silence

The last star left in heaven
Is falling down to earth and
Do you still feel the same way
Do you still feel the same way

Blink-182 - Here's Your Letter

Lightning strikes down to Earth
A fallen angels has his rebirth
He comes from the other side
To take a hellish ride
But there's rock'nroll, hard rock,
and metal facing the demon's call.

Gae Bolga - Blood of the Demon

Hour after hour, the life has leaked,
and my inevitability takes you away.

The clouds have descended down to earth like grey soot,
and your name is written in blood.

Amatory - Kilometres

A vengeful angel flies around the sun, dripping his wax down on those that watch.
The feathers fall next, they're dancing down.
Such a graceful decent, so unlike his own.
Crashing down to earth, destruction in his wake he caused.
There I go again, trying to narrate so I could hide my role.
Have to own up, have to concede, they used me like you.

Fucked Up - Insiede A Frame

Open your eyes, servant of god, ha-ha,
I bear you the fire which brings warmth
To the soul and stirs the blood. Open your eyes
And descend from heavens down to earth.

No, 'tis not a mortal sin

Epidemia - Vera

I ain't mean to say that shit girl I was god-damn high
So we left the crib now we in the god-damn ride
She lookin' god-damn fine
I wanted a bitch who was down to Earth
But she want the god-damn sky, uh
List of my problems


No longer place in heaven,

He was thrown down to Earth with all his angels.

Misusing the free will of the mind

Amberian Dawn - War in Heaven

Happiness in the morning, grief towards the evening.
Everything's so strange and eternal...
Let this be called love –
The most ridiculous, the most down-to-earth,
Let this be diabolical heat,
Heat that burns everything.

Ariya - Diabolical Heat

By the wild beasts of the earth
When the sun turned black
And the moon bloodred
And the stars fell down to earth


Agathodaimon - Favourite Sin

Right before this boring night is over,
Without anything happening
My eyes fall upon you
An angel has come down to earth
Stay here, don't ever go back up
Stay here and don't go to sleep tonight

Panos Kalidis - Match

Dream that I'm dyin' to find the truth
Seems that you're tryin' to bring me down
Back down to earth, back down to earth
Back down to earth, back down to earth
Back down

Anathema - Flying

This can´t be normal,
donating to africa doesn´t make you caring,
we are loosing the overview, down to earth the world is just to big,
we are afraid of death, thats why we flee into religion.

Destino (germany) - Misanthrope

Each heart has its blows to go through
And each vein has its path to defend

Down to earth I look in front of me
I know what I'm gonna do I've no fear to be here
Even if it screws up I would have tried

Louis Delort & The Sheperds - Body to chance

I am from the street,
Where you met him
Don't compare me
I came down to earth on a paintbrush for you
I do not look like him...

Ivete Sangalo - Don't compare me

for what does he love two girls at once?

let him to be nor mine nor hers
let him to lie down to earth

that's why i made such to you

Ukrainian Folk - Don't go, Hryts'

Verse One:
An angel from long ago bent down to earth below
And to Mary whispered low, “Call His name ‘Jesus’ “
Fear not the words I say; God has favored you today


Like a satellite…
Like a satellite…
I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm falling
Down to Earth
When I get too high
When I get too high

Little Boots - Satellites

Oh, the blue mountains in front of me,
I'm looking for God so high,
Only not to come down to earth
Only not to have my eyes withered.
And behind me (there is) a road travelled,

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk - Oh, the blue mountains in front of me

It's my disgusting buddy and my dapper buddy
To my friend the naughtiest
To my buddy the most dumb
To my buddy down to earth
To my buddy on Pluto
It's for my chatter buddy and my dyslexic buddy

Flynt - My buddy

And a soul on offer that never we sold.

We have poets, hangings and bastards,
"Quixotes and Sanchos"<fn>Personages of "Don Quixote". Here it refers to as Don Quijote was the idealistic one; and Sancho, his squire, was logical, down to earth.</fn>, Babel<fn> a) Is the name used in the Hebrew Bible for the city of Babylon.
b) Babel's tower; Is a story told in the Book of Genesis who meant to explain the origin of different languages in the world.</fn> and Sodom<fn>"Sodom and Gomorrah" infamous biblical cities</fn>,
Grandparents who always won battles,

Joaquin Sabina - More of one hundred lies

I know I'm a giant hope in my city
I got so many people experiencing fame with me
I got so many choices, but I never let the fame get me
Started from the bottom -- still a down to earth person

Personally, I am amazed

Big Bigga - Believe

Jesus, my brethren, is a verb, not a noun.

Jesus do not come down to earth, stay up there
All those who have thought as you are now face up
Forgotten in some cemetery, their ideals carried with them

Ricardo Arjona - Jesus is a verb, not a noun

Papa penguin gives up his fantasy
Papa penguin, papa penguin
Papa, papa, papa penguin
Papa penguin comes back down to earth

(Papa penguin, papa penguin)

Sophie & Magaly - Papa Penguin

To me you are perfect
oh you're my desire
you I admire
I like how you look so down-to-earth
that's why they call you
A natural woman

Bumkey - Natural Woman

where are they taking me, I'd lvoe to know
what have I done, and who's my judge
and yet, I judge, I'm judged, I suffer
what have I done to be thrown down to earth.

I don't remember and yet I feel lonely

Morá sti fotiá - Unsuccessful Child

Only the fate can tell me the truth
the truth

God is sending the tears of his children back down to earth
The sound of the raindrops on the trees
Feels like a song played by an angle

Veri Jumala - Rain

[The-Dream and Solange]
Don't clip my wings before I learn to fly
I didn't come back down to earth to die
All my niggas in the whole wide world
Made this song to make it all y'all's turn

Solange - F.U.B.U.

You believe I live on clouds
Just like in the song the good fairy
And a feather falls from the pillow
It's dancing down to earth like snow

White as snow is my hair

Saltatio Mortis - White as Snow

I said “You see I’ve got this boy, and he don’t love me back.”

So we walked for a bit, and Jesse grabs me hard,
he said “Come back down to earth from where ever you are.”
But his words don’t register, I’m lost in your eyes.
And this dial tone will kill me by the end of night.

Halsey - Tilt You Back

If you happen to come down to earth,
I want you to come,
And talk to me
I'm waiting for you to give me some advice,
On how to heal a heart that's bleeding

Panagiotis Psaltis - My Angel

I know I fascinate you
Come back down to earth cousine
I tell you this time
I broke my SIM card

Jul - Cousin

We're coming down
Comin' down to earth
Like babies at birth
Comin' down to earth

Redefine your priorities

Peter Gabriel - Down to Earth

Those who don't know how to love, don't understand,
That a lot of angels also exist here on earth

Who says that angels don't come down to earth?
Who says that they only fly in heaven?
Those who don't know how to love, don't understand,

Kostas Karafotis - Angels

lessens the longevity
Have to be careful in spending

White moon comes down to earth
The planet venus comes for sale
Have to throw the money and calculate

Ananthu - You rock

It will make us remember all the things we did not want to cherish so much,
and we will survive the pain from the loss of all the things we could not save.

And so the rain will fall down to earth,
covering thousands of houses,
and the huge grey city will dissolve into it.

Abyssphere - Rain

A wagon in an open field
Is our usual home.
We are great talents,
But friendly and down to earth.
We are singers and musicians,
Acrobats and jesters.

Vesyolye Rebyata - Traveling Performers

Why we don't meet
I've seen your face in the sky
Twenty-five stories high
You never come down to earth
Communication (communication)
Could hardly be much worse

Level 42 - It's Not The Same For Us

Blessed sacred those of the night

Golden stars that shine - stellar rays on towers - in the heavens spawning - serpents from the thrones
From the dust of stars - gods unleash the slaves - bring them down to earth - as servants to the realm
Creatures from the lands - where the lizards fly - and fire is the breath - turning into stars
Constellations form - into cryptic symbols - guiding those who fly - through the astral sea

Inquisition - Power from the Center of the Cosmic Black Spiral

Your church never seemed
Human, down to Earth.
Your apologetic manners are buying
Inexpensive forgiveness for sensual sins.

L'Aura - Jesus Was Born In A Manger

For da lifetime

You come back down
You come back down to earth with a bang
Your time's running out
But don't lose heart!

Kontrust - Sock'n'Doll

Illuminate the one who can't wake up
Illuminate him for us, the people
I say that we shouldn't wake up fate
A miracle that comes down to earth

I believe in what I do and what I say

Actitud María Marta - This is the situation

Don't believe flattery
No, watch out what you do

Yes, keep yourself down to earth
Yes, whatever you hear
Honey, Honey, wonderful, ah-ha, Honey, Honey

ABBA - Honey, Honey

그럼 아마 너도 같은 느낌일 걸

몇 마디에 들떠서 어쩔 줄 모르지
어서 down to earth 지금 넌
현실감각이 필요해
빈말일 수도 있어, 쟨

Weki Meki - I don’t like your girlfriend

(I want to see this!)

Don't run away!
Vaiana, stay down to earth!
The village needs a chief
And that is you!

Moana (OST) - Where you are

We're pilots, risking everything to secure freedom...
To secure... freedom!

You floated in the heavens, but were brought down to earth.
Your heart is wounded, you just want to be a target.
But that's just an excuse, known to all who were put down.

Nargiz Zakirova - They Put Us Down - We Keep Flying

I know, you’re feeling lost
Yeah, just you think
If humans were to change their usual manners
Come back down to earth and listen to me
My name is really Maui, yep, so it is
Take a closer look: what a complexion

Disney Fandubs - You’re welcome

Uhh, yeah
Another one of those - this is for my nigga Q - down to earth joints
Rest in peace baby, you're not for me dawg

DMX - Who we be

My angel, if you come down to earth
I would like you to come and talk to me
I am waiting for you to give me advice
On how to cure a bleeding heart.

My angel, my wound can't be cured

Panos Psaltis - My angel

My life is a minefield, my soul
And just as I was reaching for the sun
I lose you and fall down to earth again
My life is a minefield, my soul
And if I stop moving my wings

Pantelis Pantelidis - My life is a minefield

And if your stars have fallen down to earth
and your nights beg for dawn
and all you ever loved was a bad roll of the dice
and the only friend you have is loneliness

I want you, yes I want you

Theodosia Tsatsou - I Want You

They stole Dionyso's wine
The angels of heaven are intoxicated
They came down to earth to sin,
During the time of the evening prayer

Manolis Lidakis - Dionyso's Wine

You were seen in the town
sitting in each other's laps with her,
whoever she is
Many people tell me she's down-to-earth
and she suits you better than me
I heard from a friend

Anna Eriksson - Who gets you now?

forbidden psalms above the flames
My heart pumps but void into my veins,
and my pulse runs so slow, too slow for chains
For chains that tie me down to earth
For chains that keep up this organic curse

Watain - The Golden Horns of Darash

Upon the Westway
Where I stood watching comets lonesome trails
Shining up above me the jet fuel it fell
Down to earth where the money always comes first
And the sirens sing

Blur - Under the Westway

Do send down your gifts here,
To this Lordship's home. (2)

Angels descended from heaven down to earth,
Bringing the gifts to the Virgin Mary:
Three candles of wax,

Christmas Carols - Throughout the world

Bring it down to earth...
Bring it down to earth...
Bring it down to earth...
Bring it down to earth...

The Prodigy - Break & Enter

He's a popstar on the field, a hero

The best player in the country, Tom Müller!
Yet down-to-earth and charming, Tom Müller!
Who follows the ball at every turn? Tom Müller!
Who finally wins the throphy for us? Tom Müller!

Dicke Lippe - Thomas Müller song

Do send down your gifts here,
To this Lordship's home. (2)

Angels desended from heaven down to earth,
Bringing the gifts to the Virgin Mary:
Three candles of wax,

Ukrainian Folk - Throughout the world

While a force of nature is falling down to earth
Seas of tears and sadness, no one knows my worth.

No reason for existence, to be or not to be?
It's just a scene of madness, all the signs I was too blind to see.

Groove Coverage - Force of Nature

Help yourself to happiness and sprinkle it with mirth,
Close your eyes and concentrate and dream for all you're worth,
You will feel terrific when you get back down to earth
From a Dreamer's Holiday.

Perry Como - A Dreamer's Holiday

An aviator.

The down-to-earth loves,
I don't care.
The crazy things you can do

Véronique Jannot - Aviator

See, Elin is now my gracious bride.
Do not weep, Amanda, this is the end!"

Amanda's groans went down to earth.
"Oh God in heaven, hear these cruel words!
And if you have forgotten your amanda (x)

Swedish Children Songs - Amanda and Herman

This love will make you levitate
Like a bird
Like a bird without a cage
But down to earth
If you choose to walk away, don't walk away

Lia Marie Johnson - Dark Horse

Cause this is gonna be
The day that we will meet
When heaven comes so down to Earth
To say hello from Mars

Lauris Reiniks - Hello from Mars

Then it's decided, I will stop well when I wouldn't have time
The wait changes nothing, I always luck in latency
I pretend to take care of myself feeling so well in my absence
It gives me a down-to-earth appearance of having problems and doing nothing
To see that everything is fine but to pretend that it's the opposite
Ok it's maybe really a mess

Vald - Spiral

When Love came down to earth
And made His home with men,
The hopeless found a hope,
The sinner found a friend.
Not to the powerful
But to the poor He came,

Christian Hymns & Songs - When Love Came Down to Earth

When storms are raging 'cross the german Fatherland

Such are the Lower Saxons
Stormproof and down to earth
Hail duke Widukind's tribe !

German State Anthems - From Weser to the Elbe river

[Vers 1]

Oh sorry, aber mich hat euer' Sound gestört
Ihr seid alle high und ich bring euch einfach mal down to earth

Denn es is time für Gary fuckin' Washington im president appartement

Gary Washington - Who The Fuck Is This

Life is good, but I ain't tryin' to brag*
Who loses their cool, when I be cruising in my Audi
Down-to-earth, but still some people keep hatin'
Dab on the haters, they think I'm shit and fat
You should look at us, we are sick, mate

Lakko - HEYOO

Sure looks strange to me

Well he came down to earth and he lit in a tree
I said "Mr. Purple People Eater don't eat me."
I heard him say in a voice so gruff

Sheb Wooley - One Eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater

O all kinds of hopes and faiths have met on this night

So silently and so stealthily, God's gift reaches us
O Heaven came down to Earth when no one expected it
We cannot hear His steps, yet He is still approaching us
O suddenly, as a stranger, He appears

Carola (Sweden) - O Bethlehem, You Little Town

I'll stay here, where happiness is
Let it storm now

My power runs through the air down to earth
And my soul is like frozen ice crystals from north
A thought has taken form like rime with pins

Frozen (OST) - Let it go

The moon is rising through the dust
A new horizon see her touch
Down to Earth flames are breathing
Like volcanoes

Winger - Midnight driver of a love machine

All the time that you were gone,
I thought about how things went wrong
Now youre coming down to earth
Ok, hello, welcome to the world

Kevin Rudolf - Welcome to The World

It tried to firmly grasp (ding ding dong ding dong)
But its journey did not end, no
The wind carried it onwards
It's a long way down to earth (ding ding dong ding dong)

Onto Teddy's little snout (ding ding dong ding dong)

Finnish Children Songs - A Soft Little Cloud

It's not a talk show, but it's taking off, dude, now it's flying
You gave my heart wings and said I should enjoy the ride
My heart's hammering quickly, it's breaking the sound barrier
The words are famous, but they're so down to Earth
It's so quiet now, we let the wind take the word
And as we're here now, just sit down

Joey Moe - Just Love Me

ASGU: …So, you’ve agreed with me, after all…
The value of life… is relative.
That’d be a pity, though, if I was right… about that only…
Oh, yeah… Humans…
On the both sides of the Earth…
How can we even talk historical materialism…

Victor Argonov Project - "2032": Track 28 – The Choice

Your tall
and beautiful voice asks me to love this story the day lays down on our memories
Your delicate voice
sets the tone[fn]a pun on "sonner le glas" (sound the death knell)[/fn] of my cantatas, of your sonatas as I set down to earth
Your slow voice
spells out my name so that each letter shivers to the sound of your whole being

Laurie Darmon - Your voice

Barefoot I travelled
Barefoot I arrived
I tore the fields down
Down to earth and rubbled plaster
Laid my bones out
Breathed out a sigh

All Them Witches - Alabaster

In the shreds of small countries,
But I bow to you, ata, down to earth,
You are forever with me, my Kazakhstan!
But I bow to you, ata, down to earth,
You are forever with me, my Kazakhstan!
You are forever with me, my Kazakhstan!

Slava Moskovkin - My Kazakhstan


Come on back down to earth, son
Dig the low, low, low, low, lowdown!

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown

And now I know that it's over
That I should stay down to earth - I understand
And I won't try to cross the path
Until the wind has died down

Marie Key - Rain

Then you’d probably feel the same

Just a few words from her got you all excited
Hurry and come back down to earth
You need a reality check right now
She might just be sugar coating you

Weki Meki - I Don't Like Your Girlfriend

Compare me to saints when you're trying to establish my worth
All I am asking of you is a change of direction
I'll be waiting to love you if ever you come down to earth.
I'll be waiting to love you if ever you come down to earth.

Charlie Landsborough - Down To Earth