Friends (Freunde)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση


At the age of 14 we still wrote slogons on the wall
Which none of really understood back then
With 20 we were clearly against it, no matter what it was
The main point was that we were together and with the head through the wall
Life often happened differently and seldomly as planed
But we did not accept compromises
We would lie for each other, if need be even before God
We never talked about it but we true to our word
All because we are friends
Because we are friends
Some have died, others went away
But we've always just survived everything
We are different from the others even if there are no others
We always swear again and again that the best is still ahead of us
The years left marks - one can see them clearly
We would never tell this to each other because we are friends
We argue and live in harmony again
Because we are still friends
We are always there even without reason
Because we are still friends
And again a year has passed
And again my beer glass is empty
And again a couple more wrinkles
And even a new tattoo
Some love someday was worth it
Will we ever change?
When we loose, we support each other - all because we are friends
The rest of the world, we don't care for it - all because we are friends
We stay, we win - because we are still friends
Nothing can kill us - because we are friends
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Mit 15 schrieben wir noch Parolen an die Wand,
die keiner von uns damals so ganz genau verstand.
Wir waren mit 20 klar dagegen, egal was es grad war,
hauptsache zusammen und mit dem Kopf durch die Wand.
Das Leben kam oft anders und selten wie gedacht,
doch wir haben all die Kompromisse nie mit uns gemacht.
Wir würden füreinander lügen, notfalls auch vor Gott.


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