Mister (Gospodine)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση


I'm not a toy you can throw away
then put me back on my feet within a moment
you don't treat me the way you treat other women
You haven't come down from the heavens
for me to look and pray to you asif your God
forgive me, but I have to, an eye for an eye
Mister, who's sent you tonight
to me to deceive you
to throw you away like a used coat
I'm at the edge of my nerves
Mister, you were with her yesterday
continue to be with her
when your soul breaks leave it for her
I'm more than you can handle
I drank everything at night without regretting it
hey, I was a name and an expiration date to every guy
you don't treat me the way you treat other women
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Ja nisam igračka da me baciš
pa iz momenta na noge vratiš
k'o, kao za sve žene ne važi za mene
Ti nisi s' neba siš'o da te gledam ko
ko, kao dragom Bogu da se molimo
oprosti mi, al' moram, bol za bol


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