I'd do everything for you (Ich würde alles tun für dich)

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I'd do everything for you

Much too fast time and every dream of eternity passes
It's all just lend, years come, years go
Until we have reached the fall of our lives
You can escape the truth
And sometimes I still think back, there was so much of pure happiness
Because of the woman at my side, she gave me love, she gave me strength
Otherwise I'd probably not made it
Just with the woman at my side
I'd do everything for you, you are life for me
You give me courage, you make me strong on every new day
I'd do everything for you and it will for sure remain like this
I've never missed anything because you were at my side
You're a part of my world, you put back your own needs for me
And you forgvae me often, you love live and music
You have so much happiness and so much luck deep inside of your heart
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Ich würde alles tun für dich

Viel zu schnell vergeht die Zeit
und jeder Traum von Ewigkeit
Es ist doch alles nur geliehn
Jahre kommen Jahre gehn
bis wir im Herbst des Lebens stehn
Man kann der Wahrheit nicht entfliehn


SaintMark     Αύγουστος 20th, 2016

Steena I adapted the line breaks, would be dope if you could follow suit with the english translation. thanks !