Jack Hylton and His Orchestra - Ya got something there


Ya got something there

Everybody in the land
Would dearly love to lead a band
But how to make a start?
Well, that's the snag
First you find a well-known street
Where all the best musicians meet
If you follow what I say it's in the bag
Take a little bit of trumpet
And you add a trombone
Pa-di-da, pa-di-da with a rhythm
And ya got something there
Take a little bit of team work
Then your three saxophones
Pa-di-da, pa-di-da with a rhythm
And ya got something there
That's the secret of Goodman
Oh how he makes you swing
He bends them and sends them
With that certain thing
Oh, then you mix a bit of vibro
With a hot clarinet
Everyone will declare when you go on the air
That ya got something there
Then you add some comedy
Just like a silly symphony
The 'soons and whistles made of tin
A barnyard noise is all thrown in
Like the clucking of the chickens
And the mooing of the cows
Play a tune upon your whistle
And this will make you laugh
Then you take the old harmonica
Let him play a few bars
Then the bark of a dog on the road with some sheep
That is followed by cars
Then you get the boys to swing it
Let it go with a blare
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Note: Goodman likely refers to Benny Goodman, known as the "King of Swing"
Vibro refers to a vibraphone
'soons refers to bassoons

Thanks to la Fille avec le Visage and petit élève for their help transcribing this! Teeth smile

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