Good night (Laku noć)

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Good night

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I stitched you on my soul, and I was scared for a long time,
of losing you.
But in the end, destiny's string broke,
and so did our love with it.
Minute by minute, years go by like old newspapers,
I live every day like it was written somewhere,
I know that my face is losing its borders,
from your memory I will be erased...
Who are you happily waiting for, sad like that ?
To who are you giving your lips, to heal him ?
Who is painting that smile of yours,
that took smile from my face forever ?
Still, my hearts is walking to your street,
that's how I say goodbye to you, every night.
But hope is dying, with me getting older,
from your memory I will be erased...
"Good night", I still wish you this every night,
even when you are not mine, have a nice dream, my love...
I don't know how many are they who are suffering because of you, but I know one thing - who loves you the most...
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Laku noć

Za dušu sam te zašio
i dugo plašio, da te ne izgubim
ali na kraju, puklo je
taj konac sudbine i naša ljubav s njim


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