No one like you (Niko kao ti)

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No one like you

I didn't dream that life could hurt so bad
God gave me beauty
And everything I always wanted
But no one knew
What my soul hid
No one like you, in this world of lies
Knew how to save me from my destiny
All those years
But now I stand before you
I'm not scared of life
No one like you, in my world of sorrow
Has seen a single color of the rainbow
In those eyes
But now I stand before you
I'm not scared of love
Who will believe that a dead man is breathing
I never had the right reason
To change myself
Nor the will to survive
Nor to admire someone
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Niko kao ti

Nisam sanjala da zivot tako boli
dao mi je Bog lepotu
i sve sto sam uvek zelela
al' niko znao nije
sta mi to dusa krije
Niko kao ti u ovom svetu lazi


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