The Night Owes You to Me


Noc Mi Te Duguje

Dolazi noc, gasi se dan,
a nocu sve se cuje
i svaka pjesma truje,
noc mi te duguje.

Nocni sam covjek,
nocas i dovjek... zbog tebe.

A sad za sve, cigana dva
jedan da zivot psuje,
drugi da povjeruje,
noc mi te duguje.

Takav sam covjek,
nocas i dovjek... zbog tebe.

Zbog tebe kucacu, lupacu ljudima na vrata,
budicu ulicu, pjevacu svima iz inata.
Recice: "Opet je popio,
Vidi ga kako se ubio,
opet je vrata poljubio."

A ja pijan, a nisam popio
ni kapi neka se cuje,
ni kapi ko da mi vjeruje?
A jesam ja rusvaj pravio,
pravio, evo ga, tu je,
jesam, jer noc mi te duguje.

Δες το βίντεο
 Προσπαθήστε να ευθυγραμμίσετε

The Night Owes You to Me

Night is approaching, daylight switches off
At night everything can be heard
And every song is poison,
The night owes you to me.

I am a man of the night,
Tonight and forever... because of you.

On top of it all, two gypsies appear
One to curse this life
The other who believes him,
The night owes you to me.

That is the man I am,
Tonight and forever... because of you.

For you I will howl, bang on people's doors
I'll wake the street, sing loudly in spite,
They'll say: "He's drinking again,
Look at how he ruined himself,
Again his face kissed a closed door."

I'm drunk, but I didn't drink a drop
Not a drop - do you hear?
Not a drop - who believes me?
But I did cause a wreck,
"He did - there he is!"
Yes I did, because the night owes you to me.

Υποβλήθηκε από Lumosnight στις Παρ, 09/03/2012 - 19:14
Σχόλια συντάκτη:

"Again his face kissed the door" is supposed to mean that he got kicked out or was refused entry into a household.

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Mimi6662 έτη 47 βδομάδες
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    Απρίλιος 29th, 2012

Због тебе куцаћу - now I understand the meaning of it..
thank you

Polymath     Απρίλιος 30th, 2012

Next time when you submit the lyrics, enter Š,Č, Ć...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Recice" is reći će, two words!!!!!!!!!!! Where did you pick up this lyrics??

Zbog tebe kucaću (to knock (on a door)), not kukaću (to howl)

Zbog tebe kucaću, lupaću ljudima na vrata
Because of you, I would go from door to door and knock and pound (on them)
I'm gonna wake the street up (by making noise like a drunker does), I'll sing loud, just out of spite....

This is a song about a man who behaves like a night tippler, gallivants around the town, goes from door to door and make noise, sings, shouts out and so on, fools around, but not because he's drunk, but lonely, left by his beloved one, he's lost and he almost curses the life - and night - night owes you to me, you should have been with me, by my side, this night. Instead of that, I roam the street like a geezer, like a fool or loser, without you I don't praise myself, I don't care (nor I am in control) how I behave.

Lumosnight     Μάιος 1st, 2012

Alright, first of all stop behaving like an immature brat. My keyboard doesn't have Serbian letters, just like most people's keyboards, so deal with it. I don't see in your account that you translated more than a couple of songs, nor even attempted to translate this one, so take your frustrations somewhere else.

Your attempt at translation is weak, it doesn't flow well and when you use words such as 'gonna' it sounds unprofessional. This isn't rap, it's a beautiful love song.

Your summary is also confusing. Anyone with half a brain understands what the song is about yet you make it sound so complicated, with all the run-ons and bad grammar.

    Μάιος 1st, 2012

This is a song about..
..the lost of sense.
"Мъртва си за мен", really good, really

Polymath     Μάιος 1st, 2012

I can howl with laughter!
You should have got 2 stars for your translation.
Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian people do have S-C keyboards, but maybe you and those like you don't have. That speaks about how professional you are.

"Recice"... you don't even know your native language!

Maybe summary is confusing for your intelligence (level of it), and by the way it was written for Vuk.

Lumosnight     Μάιος 1st, 2012

Stop trolling and go back to your 'dead duck' and 'geezers'. Your knowledge of slang might be enviable for chavs but please don't ruin a beautiful song with them. However your knowledge of proper English is absolutely horrid and your grammar is awful too.
Go back to your songs and be rude to people there. The immaturity of some people....

    Μάιος 1st, 2012

None of these comments mentioned it: this translation is an authentic continuation.. still not ready.
Yes. The song is very beautiful. To live its meaning is not however.

MayGoLoco     Μάιος 1st, 2012

Please stop arguing with each other!

Not everyone has šđžčć standard on their keyboards, nor do I, I always have to switch the settings on mine.

Kucacu = I'll knock

Lumosnight     Μάιος 5th, 2012

@MayaGoLoco Thank you!

Polymath     Μάιος 6th, 2012

For what?! Anyway, hope that someone will provide us with one good translation of this beautiful song. Thank you.

Polymath     Μάιος 1st, 2012

Read what you wrote and than say who is rude and immature here.
Yes, obviously some people don't have Serbian keyboard here, they should learn how to install it before claiming their English is "fluent" (and don't know to translate "to knock") and playing translator here.
Sorry MayGoLoco, nothing further to discuss with this funny guy.

MayGoLoco     Μάιος 6th, 2012

Polymath I thought you had nothing further to discuss. Tongue
You can post your own translation if you think you can do it better.

Effily     Μάιος 6th, 2012

Em, I'm sorry, I don't want to start another little argument, but it seems to me that this song isn't in Serbian but in Croatian, isn't it?
Pjesma, covjek, dovjek, povjeruje, pjevacu, vjeruj...All of this is Croatian according to me.

Anyway, it's not my native language so I'm probably not the best here, but tell me what you think about it..

Polymath     Μάιος 6th, 2012

Ijekavica dialect is spoken in Serbia too. You can hear "pjesma" in Croatia, BiH, Serbia and Montenegro, for example.
Čola was born in Sarajevo, BiH, that's why he sings in ijekavica dialect. He lives in Belgrade.

@MCL: I'll translate turbo-folk Tongue
And I'm waiting for your translation, show to the person above how the song should be translated Wink

Lumosnight     Αύγουστος 14th, 2012

Polymath έγραψε:
Ijekavica dialect is spoken in Serbia too. You can hear "pjesma" in Croatia, BiH, Serbia and Montenegro, for example.
Čola was born in Sarajevo, BiH, that's why he sings in ijekavica dialect. He lives in Belgrade.

@MCL: I'll translate turbo-folk Tongue
And I'm waiting for your translation, show to the person above how the song should be translated ;)

As if you could do a better translation. All I see here is a whiny teenage girl who barely made any contributions of her own. Judging by the level of your immaturity, I doubt you even understand this song.

Now get off my translation and take your hate speech somewhere else.

Effily     Μάιος 6th, 2012

Okay, thanks for information Wink

MayGoLoco     Μάιος 6th, 2012

Why only turbofolk?

Polymath     Μάιος 6th, 2012

It connects the whole region Wink
Ok, so I said I'd not discuss further, so I'll intend to keep my word.
I'll continue to read translations and learn further languages.