Огън в кръвта [ Ogan v kravta (Огън в кръвта) ]

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Огън в кръвта

Aren't you my sin
In whom I was
don't fall in love with me
Am I not your hearing
Am I not your fear
don't fall in love with me
Am I not the one who lit up the fire in your blood
Do you want fires more for me to light them up nightly in your bed
You want me to touch you, and spellbind your heart
See, our bodies are silent
Our hands are crawling
Don't fall in love with me
Again now for which time
Eyes in eyes don't sleep
Don't fall in love with me
Without hitting I'm entering this song
Like unknown, exactly for Miss Tourism
C'mon give me free minutes
and your boots next to my bed, take them off
Dream or Reality
Come to play the final on my couch
Something against coming as a guest
For one Coffee first, and one cigarette later
Υποβλήθηκε από Επισκέπτης στις Παρ, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Ogan v kravta (Огън в кръвта)

Ти не си ли моят грях,
в който вече бях
Недей се влюбва в мен!
Аз не съм ли твоя слух,


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