A Trick (Pirraça)

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A Trick

Time flies* (Time goes by without a pause)
if you don't think of the hours.
The hands of the clock
keep turning if you don't look.
But when I heat the stove
to make a coffee,
I see time stop.
For boiling water
seems never to be ready, it's never done.
6:04, 6:05, 6:05, 6:05 (AM)
Waiting for the kettle's whistle,
I watch time stop.
it's time's trick.
In the afternoons at work,
I want the time to pass.
The hands of the clock
just go tick-tock.
When I meet with friends
to have coffee,
nothing is so fast.
There's no disguising it,
it seems like a joke...
Come on, come on!
When I stop to look at the time,
it's time I look for,
and I wait anxiously.
I'll eat at home:
peanut candy, milk pudding, coconut bits, jujubees,**
coconut flan, sweets, churros, yerba mate tea.
Peanut candy, milk pudding, coconut bits, jujubees,
coconut flan, sweets, churros.
And I'll watch time stop.
it's time's trick.
Peanut candy, milk pudding, coconut bits, jujubes,
Coconut flan, sweets, churros, yerba mate tea.
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Σχόλια συντάκτη:

* It seems the right phrase, the sentence in parenthesis is more literal.
** I've been liberal with the foods, so they make sense in English as treats, but are still exotic. She's probably right, they're so good they might just stop time! Go look them up!

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Passa o tempo sem demora
Quando não penso nas horas
Os ponteiros do relógio
Fazem voltas se não olho
Mas quando acendo o fogo
Para fazer um café
Vejo o tempo parar


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algebra     Ιούλιος 2nd, 2010

Hi, Mikey, your translation is excellent, besides these hard meanings : Pega-pega is the children game "hide-and-seek" and "Vou comendo a casa" , in this case, means "I eat everything I find within reach". I don't know an equivalent for the word piraça, but it means when someone, on purpose, does something or acts in a way the other doesn't like.

Here for those wondering: Paçoca doce, Suspiro , Cocada , Jujuba , Quindim , Bomba [it's not tea], Churros is originaly from Spain, but wide difused in Latin America. Paçoca has a salty version, made of meat. Keep up posting Smile