In the last autoumn [ Posliedniaia osien' (Последняя осень) ]

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In the last autoumn

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In the last autoumn, even verse, even wishpers
the last songs thry smels summers.
With the last burnings is burning the century.
And we see through the flams - the light and shadow.
In the last automn,
in the last automn...
Automn's storm is making the joys...
All what gave us the night with dust
All, what gave us, playing, shadowing -
the trees winds is broken on bonds...
In the last automn,
in the last automn...
Oh, Аlекsаndr Sеrgееvich, dear,
Oh, why you did not say anything
about this, how you did ask, love, and keep,
about this you did know everything...
In the last automn,
in the last automn...
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About the autor Sergey Esenin, poetry's first russian autor

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Posliedniaia osien' (Последняя осень)

В последнюю осень ни строчки, не вздоха
Последние песни осыпались летом,
Прощальным костром догорает эпоха
И мы наблюдаем за тенью и светом
В последнюю осень,
В последнюю осень


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