Everything That I Have... For You (Wszystko Co Mam... Dla Ciebie)

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Everything That I Have... For You

Tell me mom
Where does God dwell
I'll go and ask him for a little wonder
Although I know Him only by sight
When I find Him, I'll tell
You, mom, how (I managed it)
Since I remember, how many years (have passed)
Your angel has been always standing nearby
He's been always standing
There's such a law and I know it
Life lasts as long as you give yourself to others
Like every mother
You protected us
From the world that is carrying so much evil
Whatever I can I'd give to you
I'd like you to take
Everything that I have (x2)
Everything that I have
What I have
Everything that I have (x4)
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Wszystko Co Mam... Dla Ciebie

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