"The Little Mermaid": Track 08 – The Shine («Русалочка»: Трек 08 – Сияние)

English translation

"The Little Mermaid": Track 08 – The Shine

So, here it is,
That long-awaited day,
And you’re standing in front of him,
Not taking your eyes off him.
You’re shining in happiness,
And there’s only a shadow of doubt:
Why are you here,
In their strange garden?
All around you,
There’s a shine
Of thousands of lights,
A twinkle
Of symbols and figures
Created for the human needs
That don't match yours at all.
Then, what
You’re searching for?
Why have you been dreaming about
All these lights
For so many years,
Just like if they were
Some kind of a secret cipher?
The world of new tools
Protects people,
Preserves peace,
And their fragile life.
Tons of substances
And terabytes of ideas
Are needed, sometimes,
In order just to live.
But, for you,
They’re meaningless,
Then, what
Are you supposed to find
In these lands?
Is there any goal of this path you're following,
Or everything is already in front of you?
The shine
Of thousands of lights
Still keeps its secrets,
Just like the breath
Of strange mechanisms,
Of new organisms,
Of the forces of this alien environment...
Meanwhile, now it’s not that difficult for you
To understand that there’s no uberhuman on the Earth:
The usual beast, stupid and unreliable,
That just exists on earth in great quantity.
Going through sweat and blood for millennia,
They have built everything you see only now,
Letting a miserable ray of light into themselves,
And, yet, not changing the traits they have deep inside!
And still, you’re with him –
And the world blooms
With thousands of stars,
Life in this environment goes on
The life of strange mechanisms,
And new organisms,
Created by people on the earth.
And in this environment,
The artificial one,
Time us gives a chance
To feel
Its real pace,
And, there, even a human
Can't find the right path in the haze!
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This is track #8 from Victor Argonov's "Little Mermaid" techno opera. It can be downloaded from his website.


«Русалочка»: Трек 08 – Сияние

Вот и настал
Заветный день –
И ты стоишь перед ним,
Не сводишь взгляд.
Счастьем горишь,
И лишь сомнения тень:
Зачем тебя занесло