Why do I need the life ? (Šta će mi život?)

English translation

Why do I need the life ?

Why do I need the life
if I don´t have her
becuase I don´t want
to have another love?
I dream about her,mother,
almost every night
she´s here
in my heart
Chorus 2x: My heart is suffering tonight
my soul aches me tonight
it is difficult when you love,
when you stay alone
The sadly autumn
has just come
I wait without any point,
I hope without any point
Oh, my mother,
how much do I love her
she´s here
in my heart
Chorus 2x
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Šta će mi život?

Šta će mi život
kad je nema majko
jer drugu ljubav
ne želim da imam
Sanjam je sanjam
skoro svake noći
ona je tu u srcu mom