Khrystyna Solovii - V temnu nichku (В темну нічку) (English translation)

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V temnu nichku (В темну нічку)

В темну нічку в убочы
Сова гукат по ночы,
Димлять горы, люде сплять.
Лем Ганічка з Ванічком
Позерают сой в очы,
Позерают сой в очы, лем.
Зашов місяц за хмару
І не видів юж пару,
Што робили вони там.
Там Ганічка з Ванічком
Позирали на хмару,
Позирали на хмару, лем.
Чом ты, хмаро, заздростиш
Того щастя любости,
Най тя вітры роздуют ген.
Най Ганічка з Ванічком,
Поки хтят ся любуют,
Поки хтят ся любуют, лем.
В темну нічку в убочы
Сова гукат по ночы,
Дуют вітры горами, ген.
Лем потокы, париі
Споминают за ними,
Споминают за ними, лем
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English translation

At The Dark Night

At the dark night in Ubochi
Owl cries over the night
The mountaіns smoke, people dream.
Only Hanna and Ivanko
Look into each other's eyes
Look into each other's eyes, and that's all...
The Moon hid behind the cloud
And already couldn't see the pair
What were they doing there.
There Hanna and Ivanko
Were looking at the cloud,
Were looking at the cloud, and that's all...
Cloud, why are you looking at
That happiness of love?
Let winds chase you away with no trace!
Let Hanna and Ivanko
Love each other as they want to
Love each other as they want to, and that's all...
At the dark night in Ubochi
Owl cries over the night
The winds blow over the mountains around.
And only the streams and potholes
Remember them,
Remember them, and that's all...
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