See ya tomorrow, bro (До завтра, брат )

English translation

See ya tomorrow, bro

Hello, my little evil Moscow:
The arrow at the station, the turn at the bridge,
Everything to the right's a ditch, what's to the left's a canvas,
And on the canvas is a stranger's glory and a stranger's words
And somehow something always seems amiss on the dashboard.
Seems like I'm a little nuts, driving like everyone else.
And on my tail are four Mazdas and a KSM,
And in the spring such a MAZ - can't drive at all,
And how today everything they talk about's gonna explode,
In a straight fire despite a very lonely shell.
Let's skip it, bro! I say let's skip it, bro
And at the last intersection lies either paradise or a ring road,
There stands inspector Podberedzkin whistling randomly,
Overheads the holy plyamba, under the wing a holster,
And if this guy's an archangel, we all really get the pipe!
While we believe everybody, my stubborn hero,
You say the world's a prison, and the world becomes a prison.
And behind wich wall have you been collecting ideas?
Yes, brother,you chose paranoia, since it' to be chosen!
You're a genius, bro! The world's a mess, you're a genius, bro!
And the girls walk past something, somewhere's steamin'.
And I look at the time, and the time looks at me,
And I sing to myself deliriously, I act deliriosly,
Louder grows the music of the victory over our leftover IQ
And over the conquested aviary on the paper ground
Walk those important chimeras picking their noses,
Walk all kinds of creatures in pairs and apart:
From chromatic centaurs to chronic goats,
From samurais to samsungs of the basurmansk blood
From ephemeral nibelungs to plywood horses,
There walk red cows, what isn't udder is armor
Seems like tomorrow somehow somewhere war will break out
See ya tomorrow, bro! I say, see ya tomorrow, bro!
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Author's comments:

i realize this one's a bit messy, but it's a really tough one to translate
feel free to comment if you can make more sense out of it than me

i really love the song, though, thx for uploading ^^

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nestea4 years 35 weeks

До завтра, брат

Здравствуй, моя маленькая злая Москва:
Стрелка у вокзала, разворот у моста,
Всё, что справа -- то канава, то, что слева -- канва,
А по канве чужая слава и чужие слова.
А вечно как-то всё некстати на приборной доске.
Похоже, я немного спятил, если еду точно также как все.