Timid Hero (Застенчивый Герой)

English translation

Timid Hero

Oh, my timid hero
You deftly avoided the shame
How long I played the role
Without relying on my partner
I never once resorted
To your damned help
Backstage, among shadows
You saved yourself, escaping notice
But in disgrace and delirium
I went before the cruel public
All to misfortune, all to be seen
All alone in this role
Oh, orchestra, how you laughed at me
You didn’t forgive me the obvious
Shamelessness of my losses,
The non-offensiveness of my smile
And your herd eagerly went
To drink from my sadness
Alone, alone – in shame
I stand with fallen shoulders
But the real hero is not visible
To the reckless crowd
Hero, how frightening for you!
Don’t be afraid, I won't give you away
All of our roles are my only role
In which I brutally failed
All of our pain is my only pain
But so much pain – so much, so much
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Застенчивый Герой

О, мой застенчивый герой,
ты ловко избежал позора.
Как долго я играла роль,
не опираясь на партнера!
К проклятой помощи твоей
я не прибегнула ни разу.
Среди кулис, среди теней


UserPosted ago
lesmar3 years 9 weeks
barsiscev     September 12th, 2013

Hi, Sarah

1. Среди кулис = backstage
2. I'm not sure рук but "партер" is this
партер = нижний этаж зрительного зала в театре
с местами для публики в пространстве от сцены
или от оркестра до противоположной стены или до амфитеатра.

barsiscev     September 19th, 2013

All good, Sarah.
Maybe it would be better to change
"партер" to "зрительный зал"

lesmar     January 18th, 2014