Like a movie [ Kak v kino (Как в кино) ]

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Like a movie

Like a movie, everything was like a movie.
But how to know, how to know
Perhaps, perhaps it's fated
That we'll start it all over again?
Like a movie, rewinding,
Seeing everything over again.
Like a movie, crying and laughing,
Like a movie, waiting for a miracle.
Like a movie, if only life
Could be like a movie!
And yet, and yet nonetheless
We will keep on dreaming!
Like a movie, starting all over again,
Like a movie, living and playing,
Like movie, crying, loving and suffering,
Like a movie, waiting for a miracle,
Like a movie, waiting for a miracle.
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Kak v kino (Как в кино)

Как в кино, всё было как в кино
Но как знать, как знать
Может быть, может нам суждено
Снова всё начать?
Как в кино плёнку перемотать,
Заново пересмотреть.
Как в кино плакать и хохотать,


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Nikolai Yalchin1 week 5 days
Fary     April 14th, 2016

The original lyrics have been edited, so could you check your translation?

RobinK     April 16th, 2016

Just edited it. Thanks for letting me know!

Nikolai Yalchin     March 10th, 2017


RobinK     March 20th, 2017

Thanks Nikolai!

Nikolai Yalchin     March 20th, 2017