Just the two of us (Само двама)

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Just the two of us

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It's just the two of us,
just,but not exactly.
We continue the game-
You with me and I with you.
Even if no one hears
our songs now,
our ship will sail
in the sea of things.
So, just the two of us
will enter the tеmple.
The nestinars will enter
bear-footed into the flames,
but you and I will prove
that this is not meaningless.
Whoever wants, will leave!
You and I will walk.
It's not the time for fear.
Let's burn with fire.
So, just the two of us
will enter the temple.
I will not get back
to the memories from my choldhood.
The road ahead of us
is waiting.
Our videoplayer is showing
countless other videos.
In the video of my own life
I am the main character.
So,just the two of us
will enter the tample.
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Само двама

С тебе май сме само двама,
малко, но не съвсем.
Продължаваме играта -
аз със теб и ти със мен.
Даже никой да не чува
наште песни засега,
корабът ще си пътува


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Bulgarian → English - perfectly-imperfectt
kdravia     October 27th, 2012

позволявам си малко да те поправя.
1. храм е temple
2. that this is pointless трябва да бъде that this isn't pointless или this isn't meaningless.
3. Our video is howing ---> Our videoplayer is showing. Video е само клипа.

perfectly-imperfectt     October 27th, 2012

О, благодаря много за поправката.Наистина доста грешки съм направила несъзнателно.Веднага ги поправям Smile