Omsk Folk Choir - Славное море, священный Байкал (English translation)

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Glorious Sea-Lake, My Sacred Baikal

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Glorious sea-lake is sacred Baikal,
Glorious ship's empty barrel for omul.
Hey, Barguzin, roll the wave over hull,
Shore's not too far, says my omen.
Heavy steel chains I wore for countless days,
Wandered for long among steep Akatuy hills,
Old comrade helped me to make an escape -
I came alive sensing free will.
Shilka and Nerchinsk now don't frighten me,
Mountain guards all came back empty-handed,
Rapacious beast in the wilds let me live,
Sharpshooter's shot went by slanted.
Waded through night, walked in broad daylight I,
Gazing around when approaching the town folk,
Local females fed me bread made from rye,
Fellows supplied with tobacco.
Glorious sea-lake, my sacred Baikal,
Glorious sail is like tattered coat steer,
Hey, Barguzin, roll the wave over hull,
Thunderous roars I can hear.
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Equirhythmic rhymed translation for singing along.
Russian folk song based on the poem by D.P. Davydov (1848).
Baikal: lake in Siberia, the deepest fresh water lake in the world.
Omul: fish species indigenous to lake Baikal.
Empty barrel: escapees from Siberian prisons, lacking other means,
occasionally risked crossing lake Baikal (50 mi. wide) in empty barrels.
Barguzin: gale wind on Baikal originating from Barguzin river valley.
Akatuy: town in Siberia, location of ill-famed Akatuy mines and prison.
Shilka and Nerchinsk: towns in Siberia, that escapees had to avoid.


Славное море, священный Байкал

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