Hillsong Kiev - Eta nash tzar (Это Наш Царь) (English translation)

English translation

This is our king

Verse 1 -
Not found anywhere in the universe
Is anyone who compares to you
You - the only One Who loves us so immensely
Through the ages You saw the day of salvation
Paid the price all by Yourself
You - the One Who loves us so immensely
Verse 2-
You filled us
With Holy Heavenly Fire
Gave us the power to shine on earth
Entrusted us with power
And gave us your name
Called us friends forever
This - is Our God
This - is Our King
We exalt your name alone
Our hearts are open to You
Ignite them with your holy fire
You - are Holy Lord
You - are Holy Lord
Praise be to you
Lift up the voices
And together we sing
Translation Mine if not indicated otherwise. Please feel free to spread it like typhoid but I demand 5000 blessings in return. Booyakacha !!
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Eta nash tzar (Это Наш Царь)

OpalMoon    Thu, 30/03/2017 - 23:57

Good translation! But it should be "Paid the price all by Yourself", not "Myself".