Live Bullets (Kadurim Hayim | כדורים חיים)

English translation

Live Bullets

If you're listening to this song
It means you should
Come back into my arms at once
To be my wife
If these words touch your heart
And if a tear has dropped
You should come back at once
Even if you're far away
It was the hand that wrote the words,
But it heard the heart
This song is for you
Yearning is like live bullets
I love you
With the pain
My days are all confused lately
I fought myself
The battle isn't over
Inside my heart is rain
And outside it's a heat wave
I'm broken to pieces
And I'm dealing with it
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Kadurim Hayim | כדורים חיים

אם את שומעת את השיר הזה
סימן שאת צריכה
אל זרועותיי לחזור מהר
להיות לי לאשה
אם המילים נוגעות בלב
ואם זלגה דמעה
כדאי שתחזרי מהר
גם אם את רחוקה