The Mask Has Fallen (سقط القناع)

English translation

The Mask Has Fallen

The mask has fallen...
I might lose the world... Yes
But now I say No!
It is the last of pronouncements, No!
It is all that is left from the breath of the soil,
It is all that is left from the pieces of my soul,
Beirut... No!
Siege your besiege, No other choice
Fight your enemy, No other choice
Your arm has fallen, so pick it up
I have fallen, so pick me up
And fight your enemy with me,
For you are now free... Free... Free!
Martyrs and wounded are a endowment within you
Fight your enemy, No other choice
Siege your besiege with madness
Those you loved are gone now
So it is either to be or not to be.
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سقط القناع

سقط القناع عن القناع... عن القناع
قد أخسر الدنيا ... نعم
لكني أقول الآن... لا
يا آخر الطلقات... لا
يا ما تبقى من هواء الأرض... لا.
يا ما تبقى من حطام الروح... لا.
بيروت... لا
حاصر حصارك لا مفرٌ... إضرب عدوك لا مفرٌ


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