If only he knows ... [ يا ليته يعلم (Ya laytahu ya3lam) ]


يا ليته يعلم (Ya laytahu ya3lam)

أبلغ عزيزًا فى ثنايا القلب منزله
أنى وإن كنت لا ألقاه ألقاه
وإن طرفى موصول برؤيته
وإن تباعد عن سكناي سكناه
يا ليته يعلم أنى لست أذكره
وكيف أذكره إذ لست أنساه
يا من توهم أنى لست أذكره
والله يعلم أنى لست أنساه
إن غاب عنى فالروح مسكنه
من يسكن الروح كيف القلب ينساه
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English translation

If only he knows ...

Tell the dear, whose dwell is in the depth of (my) heart
that I keep seeing him even when I don't,1
that my eye is attached to seeing him
no matter how far our homes are from each other.
If only he knows that I don't recall him.
How to recall what I don't forget?!
You, who claim2 that I don't remember him
God knows, that I don't forget him3
Even if he's absent, (my) soul is his home
How would the heart forget the soul dweller?
  • 1. She means: even if he is absent and I'm not seenig him Physically, I keep recalling his image, his phantom
  • 2. Literally: Who is misled, who is fancying
  • 3. not for a second. He is always in my mind
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Author's comments:

This song is based on an ancient poem (about 1300 years old)

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