Sayuri - Sore wa chiisana hikari no you na (それは小さな光のような) (English translation)

English translation

It's Like A Small Light

I was the only one watching you
Your past, your future
Your sadness, and your joy
I used to believe that growing up
Meant becoming kinder
But I’m just the same as when I was a child
I want to protect you
Even if you awake from the darkness
In the far-off distance that’s awaiting me
In this city that hid us away,
An unknown snow was falling
You were carved into my chest
Like the very deepest scar
I’ll take back the world’s song
That makes you smile
The clocks in any room
Are slightly out of sync
We’re spinning cogs,
Always conflicting with our words
I cried in loneliness
Playing a make believe hero
With these two hands that were crushed before they could reach out,
I touched your cheeks
I want to destroy you.
In the intervals between dreams,
The world conceived black prayers
And caressed what was important to me
Tender fingers twist away
For my own sake,
Like this, powerless,
I’m just trying to struggle
Towards a faint glimmer.
Guide me to the future of which you sing
I want to protect you
I believe unshakeably that a warm place exists somewhere
The night when the kindness that was consumed by loneliness
Is buried under white snow
You light a small flame in my chest
Like an old scar
Like the light that awakes from the darkness of this world,
Your song
I was the only one watching you
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Full song released as a single 2/24/16


Sore wa chiisana hikari no you na (それは小さな光のような)

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