Carole Samaha - 23tzalt el hob (English translation)

English translation

I quitted love

I quitted love ...
And I released now from it
I folded the wings of my heart
so as love itself and dreams too
my heart came back
cause Im suffering
and whoever made me cry...
He' shall cry everyday..
I'v been in pain so much that I couldnt go on and I quitted love
for who ?? for who you do all of that.. ==> she's talking to her heart
is he worth the tears ?
you'r only happy for like one day.. but u cried for years
and the one you loved forgat you already
no matter how mush you were faithfull you'll never get anything beside your happiness
the last page in my sweetness... before I'll complain or regret.... I folded it seconds ago.. And I quitted love
Submitted by Christeen on Thu, 10/01/2008 - 22:00

23tzalt el hob

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