I'm In Love With The Dark Skinned Guy (3ashegah Lasmaraany)

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I'm In Love With The Dark Skinned Guy

I'm in love with the dark skinned guy, he hunted me and tossed me away
he came to me surprisingly, oh my
oh my from his beauty
oh my from his spoilty
my soul is his
I'm in love with his beautiful soul
I'm in love with with his clearly defined eyes
I'm in love and love has torn me down
oh my oh my oh my
I wasn't thinking about it, my heart was empty
empty and satisfied
he lit my fire and changed me and my fire could not be extinguished
oh from the flames of the dark skinned guy
with his whispers he tinckled my feeling
with a word and two
with his love my joy has increased
and my happiness is doubled
oh my from the love of the dark skinned guy
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3ashegah Lasmaraany

asheeqa asmarany sadany we ramany
3a ghafly wallah janny yoh
ah yany men jamalou
ah yany men dalalou
rou7y wallah halalou hoh
asheeqa rou7ou el jameele
asheeqa 3oyounou el ka7eele


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