8a ekragw [ Tha Ekrago (Θα εκραγώ) ]

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8a ekragw

To whom can I talk to, to tell the truth
to close my eyes, to dream...
Anonymous victim of a secret machine
I am transmitting a message, can anyone hear me?
In every step I make, there is always a 'why'
this life is a badly written poem...
How can I put my hands around you, without thinking
that I will loose something, that I will be betrayed?
I have been so much tired dividing myself
and then to be the one to be blamed for
into a hostile world, I am tearing myself into pieces
I am always bleeding for the others, I will explode!
Submitted by kmmy on Fri, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Tha Ekrago (Θα εκραγώ)

Σε ποιον να μιλήσω, αλήθεια να πω
τα μάτια να κλείσω, να ονειρευτώ.
Ανώνυμο θύμα κρυφής μηχανής,


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