Abschied nehmen

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Abschied nehmen

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And yesterday the message reached me
I don’t know but it simply tore me apart
Cause nobody can tell me how it happened
None of us had been there anymore
You lay quite good, that’s what they told me
Why did I never ask you about it
You could have been a big one
But somehow I did not want to allow you this

And I still wanted to bid farewell
I’ll never forgive myself
How could you leave us
Now I shall never see you again

Forgive me all the things I said
Just because something was annoying me
Forgive me and the boys that we weren’t there
Forgive me that I could not manage it all

What will we do now without our hero
We miss you and I don’t care for the big money
You’ve left, what’s it all worth
My little brother will be missed forever

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Abschied nehmen

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samantha25 years 18 weeks
Lordliviu     August 17th, 2009

Cool song! Love it! I've got a brother too, and, i couldn't say why, but we're not in a good relationship! That's why this song made me think a lot!