Yes and a half [ Ah W Noss ( آه و نص ) ]

English translation

Yes and a half

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there's nothing that comes like this
calm down my love and be like u used to be
hey kid listen to me , u will make me wanted
and u'll take my eyes as well

my love come closer
look and look and look
if u get mad, dont get very mad
otherwise i'll go away from u , for sure
and i'm sure u'll be a loser

why all of this
why u have this atitude
you don't get annoyed
i am very tired, many restless nights
calm down , stop it , its old

it really makes me tired
and if i'm fine...
i've been suffering for u for so long
look my love, how many years i've waited....
it took so long

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Ah W Noss ( آه و نص )

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nancy 7abibi GREATT! Smile

Hvitveis     March 1st, 2013

u sure it's not Bousse ?
i mean.. "kiss" in english!