Yes and a half


Ah W Noss

mafeesh 7aga teegy keda
ehda 7abibi keda we erga3 zay zaman
yabny esma3ny hatdalany
takhod 3ainy kaman

7abibi arrab
bos we bos bos
za3lan ez3al, ez3al nos nos
lahsan haba3ed, aba3ed ah we nos
we ahteeb enta akeed khasran

leih da koll da
akhad 3ala keda
enta mabtezhash malam
te3ebt yana yana layaly 7ayrana
ehda ba2a we kefaya 7aram (2x)

di 7aga mota3eba
akmenny tayeba
mesta7melak we ba2aly kteer
7abibi shouf ana sebert kam sana
khad wa2t ma3aya kbeer (2x)

مافيش حاجة تيجي كده
اهدا حبيبي كده
وارجع زي زمان
يابني اسمعني هتدلعني
تاخد عيني كمان

حبيبي قرب
بص وبص بص
زعلان ازعل
ازعل نص نص
لاحسن هبعد
ابعد اه ونص
وهتبقى انت اكيد خسران

ليه ده كل ده
اخدت على كده
انت مابتزهقش ملام
تعبت يانا يانا
ليالي حيرانه
اهدا بقى وكفاية حرام

دي حاجة متعبة
اكمني طيبة
مستحملاك وبقالي كتير
حبيبي شوف انا
صبرت كام سنة
خدت وقت معايا كبير

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Yes and a half

there's nothing that comes like this
calm down my love and be like u used to be
hey kid listen to me , u will make me wanted
and u'll take my eyes as well

my love come closer
look and look and look
if u get mad, dont get very mad
otherwise i'll go away from u , for sure
and i'm sure u'll be a loser

why all of this
why u have this atitude
you don't get annoyed
i am very tired, many restless nights
calm down , stop it , its old

it really makes me tired
and if i'm fine...
i've been suffering for u for so long
look my love, how many years i've waited....
it took so long

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peanutmodel793 years 46 weeks
    September 4th, 2009

nancy 7abibi GREATT! Smile

Hvitveis     March 1st, 2013

u sure it's not Bousse ?
i mean.. "kiss" in english!