You were perverse (Ai fost perversa)

English translation

You were perverse

In a night,at 3 o'clock
You talk soft on the phone
you say that you miss him
And you can't sleep because of that
I can't never believe
That you love someone else
I fear that i'll lose you
My heart is crying
You was perverse,thief
And you don't love me
Why i start love you
Why i need that?
I think that you don't have mercy
You don't think in that moment
You don't have a little soul
you don't know how you harm me
You make me to hate you
In me venom to flow
You never hope,i will not forgive you
Because you don't have mercy
You was perverse,thief
And must not happen
To play whit me
And to play whit my life
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Ai fost perversa

Intr-o noapte pe la 3
Vorbeai soptit la telefon
Spunei ca tie dor de el
Si de dorul lui nai somn
Nu-mi venea nici cand sa cred
Ca iubesti pe altcineva
Din motiv sa nu te pierd
Mie imi plangea inima