The Last Medicine [ Akher dawa ( آخر دوا) ]


Akher dawa ( آخر دوا)

قالو ا اخر دوا الكي
يا روحي كوينى
كوينى و اوعى تقول خطى
الماضي نسينى
مجروحة و جروحي
عم تاكل من روحي
داوى الهوى بالهوى
واوعى تشفينى
أنا ع مفرق طريق
كون الحبيب و الصديق
خلى غرامك بقلبي
بالنار يطفى الحريق
يللى شاغلنى بعينيك
قلبي هرب منى ليك
منى سرقني زمانك
و نسيت عمرى بإيديك
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English translation

The Last Medicine

They've said the last medicine is ironing
Oh my soul, burn me
Burn me and don't say, oh poor
Let me forget the past
I'm hurt and my wounds
are eating from my soul (are hurting me)
cure love with love
and never heal me
I'm on cross road
Be the lover and the friend
Leave your love in my heart
With fire, extinguish the fire
Oh, you're the one who is taking my mind with his eyes
My heart ran from me to you
from me, your time has stolen me
And I forgot my life time in your hands
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