Allah ma3ak


Allah ma3ak


Raje3 la 3endi mn ba3d sneen

Bet2elli mesh ader tet7amal 7anin

3eesh el 2alam w dmoo3 el nadam
Akeed rjo3i 7elem..(2)

Allah ma3ak..

Ma3 Gharamak...

Khali albak ye7mol waja3...

a55 mennak w mn 3azabak..
dabbo 3youni min el dame3... (2)

Nasi blaylet wada3i sho hkit?

2ennak Ghdaret ehsasi w msheet..

Ra7 elak wada3 bhdeek el daya3

Hayda maseer yalli ba3 (2)

Submitted by sylver on Wed, 31/12/2008 - 09:25
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English translation

Allah ma3ak

Versions: #1#2

u r coming to me after years

u're saying u can't bear the longing u have for me

live the pain and the tears of regret
my return is a dream for sure

may God be with u

and with ur love

let ur heart hold the pain

Oh how u r punishing me!!!
my eyes have melted becoz of tears

did u forget what u said the night u left me?

u said u betrayed my feelings and u just walked away

i will tell u that farewell gifted u loss

this is the fate of the one who sold his love

Submitted by Merve-suriyeli-kizi on Wed, 31/12/2008 - 09:25
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