i can't [ Ana ma fiye (أنا ما في) ]

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i can't

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i can't, i can't
love you more than my eyes!
if i loved you more than them (her eyes) maybe you will neglect me an them
calm down.. take care of my heart..
tell your crazy eyes, if they went away and forgot me
my eyes will never cry for their (his eyes) absence, my tears are very precious to me
i sang, what should i sing for you?.. i will light up the candles of my heart for you
i swear that i will carry you in my eyes, but please don't be greedy to me!
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Ana ma fiye (أنا ما في)

أنا ما فيى حبك اكتر من عينيى
لو حبيتك اكتر منهن
يمكن تهملنى وتهملهن
على مهلك على قلبى شوي
أنا مافيى
خبر عينيك المجنونه


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