by the rivers (Anës lumenjve)

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by the rivers

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fugitive, out in exile
exhausted, and threatened
they mourn without end, without hope
beside elbes, beside, Spree (rivers in Albania)
where we left it, and where it (actually) stayed
oh the homeland, and the poor poor nation (lit. miserable)
beside the unwashed ocean
beside the light, (yet) unseen
near the dinnertable, (yet) uneaten
close by the clue, that doesn't fit
naked and __
body and soul mutilated
the mercenaries and the sirs
how the foreigners opressed it
how the advantage takers ringed it
how they cut it, and how they killed it
how they deserted it, all around
beside Vjose, beside Bunes
i get scratched, i burn tormented
crippled, and slit(cut)
neither alive, nor buried
i await a sign, i wait for a light
i wait for years, i wait for days
how i have dried, how i have aged
how i have clawed, how i have aged
far from the fireplace, and from work
beside Rini, beside Tun
crazy, and battered
writhe, and faint
dreaming without end, without hope
beside Elbe, beside Spree
and a voice calls from the river
it pounds, it wakes me from my sleep
because the nation is ready
because the tyrant is hollering
because the storm bursts and snaps
Vjosa blows, Buna spills
Seman fries and Drini
Be shakes and Zengjin
because after death, life shone
and it thunders everywhere
all rise, and attack
reap and opress
peasants and workers
from Shkodra all the way to Vlora
this medicine and this call
makes me a young man, and makes me brave
it gives me strength and it gives me hope
beside Elbe, beside Spree
Because after winter, a summer arrives
that we will return one time
beside the dinnertable, beside our jobs
beside Vjosa, beside Bune
fugitive, out in exile
exhausted, and threatened
cheer with vows and hope
beside Elbe, beside Spree
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Anës lumenjve

Arratisur, syrgjynosur,
Raskapitur dhe katosur
Po vajtonj pa funt, pa shpresë,
Anës Elbës, anës Spree-së.
Ku e lam' e ku na mbeti
Vaj-vatani e mjer-mileti
Anës detit i palarë,


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    March 14th, 2009

po e keni gabim kete perkthimin,ne shume rreshta i ndyshoni kuptimin vargjeve
mgjth. flm per poezine e mrekullushme te nje mjeshtri te madh te gjuhes shqipe sic eshte noli