It's Obvious (Ashkaraballi | اشكر بلى)

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It's Obvious

Who are you lying to?
Who are you playing games with?
It's obvious obvious obvious
Your lies are obvious
Your words are obvious
Your tears are obvious
Your games are obivious
Your lies are obvious to me
Your tears your games
Oh your games
Your love is silent but I know (that he loves her)
Your lies are silent. (hargatni be nari)
I can't bare it
when you don't ask about me
If you want to leave me then tell me
I gave you my heart, and you destroyed it
I drew you by me, and you cheated on
Your the one that destroyed
And my heart builded (the love)
No I don't want you by me, leave me alone
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Ashkaraballi | اشكر بلى

على على مين تكذب ع مين
على على مين تلعب ع مين
اشكر بلى اشكر بلى
شكر بلى كذبتك
اشكر بلى كلمتك
اشكر بلى دمعتك
اشكر بلى لعبتك


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