love needs heart (Aşka Yürek Gerek)

love needs heart

how many times i followed broken dreams?
how many times i went into conflict deliberately

dont worry,it will not last long
this is love,it doesnt kill
nobody will hear(know)
but cry if u want,there is no cure

love needs heart,get it!
i burn in all times but i have to go
i cant make u get over
look at me,i am what is wound

how many times i played banned games!
neither i asked from someone a question nor i found answer

Korkma çok sürmez
Aşk bu öldürmez
Kimseler duymaz
Yine de ağla istersen çare olmaz

Aşka yürek gerek anlasana
Her defa yanıyorum ama gitmeliyim
Yaranı sarıp acını dindiremem
Bak bana ben acının ta kendisiyim

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Aşka Yürek Gerek

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