there are words in your eyes (Baayounak Kalam)


Baayounak Kalam

Baayounak Kalam
Wi b'albak gharam
Hassayt bdafa
Khallini b'idayk
Ghaffini biinayk
Habbayt l ghafa
Waddini l makan
Aadinyit aman
Ma fiha Hada
Aallimni hawak
Min lahzet lou'ak
Oumri btada
Ya habibi khidni maak
Ana oumri killou elak
Ana albi Aam yesmaak
Aam ye;chaak wey'oul
Wala Ghayrak baddou elou
Ya habibi law Tes'alou
Bey'ellak ennak elou
Ba'i elou aala toul
Submitted by nickita on Thu, 15/01/2009 - 20:05
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English translation

there are words in your eyes

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there are words in your eyes
and there is love in your heart
i felt warm
keep me in ur arms
let me sleep in ur eyes
i liked sleeping
take ma to a place
to peaceful world
which no one lives in it
teach me ur love
from the first moment we met
my life became in ur hands
my love, take me with u
my whole life is for u
my heart is listening to u
loving u and saying
don't want any other love but u
my love, if u only ask him " him = my heart "
he will tell u that he's urs
and he'll stay for u forever
Submitted by Merve-suriyeli-kizi on Thu, 15/01/2009 - 20:05
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