من قهرن شكيوني

وعالمحاكم ودوني

قال شو قلوبن دابت

من السحر الجوا عيوني

والقاضي اتطلع فيي

وشاف الرقة اللي بعينيي

قدملي البراءة هدية

وحبس كل الشكيوني
the judges verdict was (not guilty) about me

وقللي نحنا مجبورين

نحكم بين الناس نراضي

بالعدل نصون اليمين

لكن ما بعرف هالمرة

كيف عيونك صاروا القاضي

وانا صرت من المحكومين

شو ذنبن يللي حبوني

يصيروا كلن مسجونين

حتى لو راحوا وشكيوني

مش شغلتهن لقوانين

بدي منك تعفى عنهن

بدي تسامحن كرمالي

يا قاضى تركهن حرين

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from their sadness they filed a complaint regarding me

and they sent me to courts

they said that their hearts had been melted

from the magic within my eyes

and the judge looked at me

and saw the softness in my eyes

he represented for me the (not guilty) verdict as a gift

and he arrested who made the complaint about me
براءة حكملي القاضي

and he said to me :we are obligated

to verdict between the people

and keeping the justice

but i don't know this time

how your eyes became the judge

and i became among the defendants

whats the guilt of those who loved me

to be in prison !

even if they made a complaint about me

they have nothing to do with the rules (they don't know about rules)

i want from u to release them

i want u to forgive them for my sake

oh judge ,make them free

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