Beast 1333 - The Biggest Secrets


The Biggest Secrets

As the Sun lives Its Cycles
On the Surface Of the Earth
there was a Beast who went And gathered
His Disciples
Im Flashing Logos
Secret Pyramid in Togo
Where they Meditate
Experiencing Time in Slow-Mo
Tell me the total
of the Bodies coming Back
its Four thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Three In Iraq
Theres Missing Children
Murdered buried in a Cellar
murdered by the Hands of
John D. Rockefeller
These some Crazy People
Satanic Orgies up in Clergy Steeples
Bohemian Grove, Moloch worshipping
Sons of Evils
Hillbillies, Mandalay, Caveman, Stowaways
Uplifters, Owls nest, Hideaway, Isle of Aves
Lost angels, Silverado Squatters, Sempavirens
Hillside, Idlewild, Military Violence
Illumination, Illuminated Perfectibilist
Alistair Crowley Invoking the Death from the Mist
Ordo Templi Orientis a skull and a Bone
and Next Time you in a Basilica
Look at the Dome
Cameras in Particular that look at your home
they Came from Zeta Reticuli and landed in Rome
Alpha and Omega
Arnold Schwarzenegger will be President
even though theres marijuana Smoking Footage Evidence
theyll make it legal
theyll Make you Choose Between the Lesser evils
Catch you in the Dessert on your Knees
and cock the Dessert Eagle
Aint no Sequel
Theyll kill us all we aint no equal people
they Treating us like flocks of Animals
therefore we Sheeple
Blood is Regal
they Interbred for Generations
Genetically manipulated 9 Month Gestations
Fire, Water, Air, and Earth
surrounded by the Elements
Visions of a Plentiful harvest, I'll Trample elephants
they Higher Prices
and Drew a Vulture when Describing Isis
Possessed Heads spinning in Circles like Betelgeuses
Ayatolla's, Motorolas, Coca-Cola's, Everywhere
the Chinese are Fabricating
Poison toys and Teddy Bears
Swinging them Machetes Here
leading the Resistance
and all you got to do is Spread the Truth
and keep Insisting
and Keep resisting
Our Power always Came in Numbers
Its sad that they Got a day for Christopher Columbus
the Deficits Humongous
The Debt is now Ginormous
politicians Killed by Vinny Basciano Gorgeous
Help me build my Fortress
and Fortify my Cavalry
Electro Magnetic Impulse Human Being Batteries
they Worship Venus
the Obelisk is really Just a Penis
Harboring the Energy of the Sun
as it Reach its Zenith
Just Between Us
i think they Jig is up
So live it up
I had Enough
Materialistic people Live to Gather stuff
Its getting Tough but Tough is in the Eye of the Beholders
theyve Hung up and Burned alive
Hundreds of Our Soldiers
the Drugs the Folgers
The drugs are Really all the Sugar Cane
Food is Drugs too
not just The drugs up In A Hookers Vains
Saddam Husseins children Killed
just how he Killed the Kurds
Blood from they Body spilled
Power comes from Spewing Words
nothing More than Human Turds
Expendable lets flush These Dudes
theirs More Dimensions
Than theirs combinations In a Rubick's Cube
Check the coast of Cuba
with a Scuba Tell me what you See
An underwater City stretching
as Far as the Eye can see
Yell it out , I Believe
put a Fist over your Heart
Did you know they found Graffiti
by Napolean Bonaparte
Im off the Charts
With Die Hard fans that'll Die for Me
Cryogenically Frozen coffins with Ice Forming
Global Warming is a Hoax we listening to Infidels
Take a trip to Inner Hell and tell me Bout the Different smells
they Found some Shells
On the surface Under Martian soil
Real witches is Stinking
and Covered in they Barf and Boils
To the Victor go the Spoils
Chop the head like John the Baptist
Sacred Geometry with Masons
Pulling out Protractors
Opposites are Known attractors
Do this for My Benefactors
urban Militias rising
Ready to take out these Bastards
Softer than a Ton of Plaster
sitting in the Scalding Sun
Seen a tape of Intercourse
between a Priest and Balding Nuns
Look up at the Boiling sun
Retinas quickly Start to Char
Lungs are all Infected and soaking up tons of Liquid Tar
the world is Ours
Im trying to Wake up both The hemispheres
and you Can go and Waste your time
In Clubs drinking Up Belvedere
Im more of a Buccaneer you rotten
bunch Of sons of Queers
As a Child they always said the Beast was way beyond HIs years
Let go your Fears
but Dont let go your inhibitions
Inheritedededed, Editedededed
Versions of they Visions
I Pledge Allegiance
To Uphold my Constitution
psychiatric Patients involved in Electrocutions
theres Liquid fusion Confusing to Fission
In they Laboratories
Thirteen Thirty Three cant be Put in a Category
im the most Spiritual Lyical
Version of a Miracle
They Mimic the spirit of Lyric
and Copy Cat the Syllables
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