Besser geht’s nicht

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Besser geht’s nicht

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Life is just a Moment
And who knows the beginning and the end
Knows that it's all about
Are we happy

What can we do for each other
We let all weapons rest
And wish that we were all be happy

The sky becomes wide
All dreams are dreamed and real
That’s the magic between us
Which came and stayed
And that’s why I know

We can’t do any better, look at it
That’s life, we are in it
We can’t do any better, we are there
Even in the dark it is clear to us
No fear of the next storm
Jump with me onto the highest tower
It can't be any better, here and now
I trust in you and you trust in me

The balance between head and heart
No one passes (it) without pain
And inbetween you los
your nerve sometimes

We are searching for truth, searching for stability
We are young and we are old
And some can
Surf trough space

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